Easy ideas for the summer! Learn with which fabrics it is best to sew each model and download the free patterns

With these easy ideas and the free patterns that we teach you today, we want to explain something very important to keep in mind when you want to sew a project. Choosing the correct fabric for each model or pattern is everything. Knowing the different types of fabrics that you can use for a specific project and their characteristics will help you avoid surprises, neither during nor at the end of making a pattern. With practice, it is something that you will do without problems, but if you are just starting out or have been sewing for a short time, it is something that will come in handy to know in advance. Poplin is not the same as muslin or rustic cotton.

easy patterns

Easy Ideas

Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt Pattern

We start with a perfect pattern to sew right now as summer begins, a basic short-sleeved t-shirt. A model with a free downloadable pattern in PDF-A4 format for both child and adult sizes. In little and kids sizes from 12 months to 12 years, and in sizes from S to XXL for women and men. This model, as specified in the PDF of the pattern, is recommended to sew with elastic fabrics such as jersey (T-shirt stitch) or summer sweat. Cotton fabrics that adapt to the body and are soft and comfortable.

patron de camiseta básica infantil

To sew them you have to keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Jersey needle, SUK ball point / thickness: 70/80
  • Make with low tension in the upper thread of the sewing machine and small stitch so that when we stretch the seams they do not break the stitching. Avoid stretching the fabric when making so that the seams do not yield.
  • If you have an overlock machine, ideal for all seams, adjust the differential until you see that the fabric does not stretch. Sewing the twin needle hems for Jersey.
  • Steam or wash before cutting and sewing.

Use our step-by-step video tutorial to make it perfect for you.

Backpack pattern

When sewing a backpack, you want it to have body and the fabric to be resistant, right? The best is our cotton canvas 145-150 cm wide and 215gr / mt2. A fabric whose weight is higher than poplin or muslin. A very easy to sew fabric that gives that professional touch you are looking for when making a bag, backpack or toiletry bag. We have not one but 4 free backpack or satchel patterns so that you do not have any excuse and this summer you will look handmade bag on your vacation.

patron gratis mochila cuerdas

To sew them you have to take into account these recommendations:

  • Universal needle, thickness: 80/90
  • If many layers of fabric are sewn, when using hard interlinings or wadding, adjust to a higher pressure of the presser foot, or failing that, use a presser foot.
  • We recommend steaming or washing the fabric before cutting and sewing.

Triangular scarf with tassels

A halftime scarf has to be light and fresh and for that we have several fine fabrics that could fit you perfectly. Download the free pattern to make a nice triangular shawl with tassels HERE.

  • First the muslin, a double-layer cotton gauze fabric, very fluffy and pleasant to the touch. Easy to sew and fresh for a project of both clothing and accessories such as foulard or scarves for summer nights.
  • Another suitable fabric for this type of project would be the sari, 150 cm wide and 114gr / mt2. A new fabric for this season that has a fluorine or gold color line that gives it a very chic and special touch. It is a fine and fresh fabric that is also very easy to sew.
  • And finally the panama fabric, ideal for summer clothing and accessories: shawls, sarongs, handkerchiefs, dresses, shirts, pants. A very elegant and natural fabric for all kinds of flowing and fresh garments.

easy patterns

To sew them, you have to take into account these recommendations:

  • Universal needle, thickness: 70/80,
  • We recommend steaming or washing before cutting and making.

Sandwich holder with food plastic

This is a very easy and very useful project for the little ones’ snack or taking the picnic to the beach or the pool. Watch the step-by-step video tutorial to make it and download the free pattern HERE.

For this project, we recommend several of the fabrics we have:

  • Poplin, a very versatile 100% cotton, easy to sew, and that you can find in many fun and original patterns.
  • The waterproof fabric, very suitable, since it is resistant to water and is easily cleaned. Also, very easy to work with.
  • And for the interior, a specific fabric that is our EAT & SEW or food plastic.

tutorial porta bocadillos

WOMAN’s dress

if you are looking for a piece of fine fabric, with a good drape and light to make a spring dress or blouse, we have several options of fabrics that you can use to achieve the desired effect. In the free pattern of women’s dress that you can download HERE in PDF-A4 format, we have used rustic cotton.

A 100% cotton fabric with a rustic effect that gives it a special touch and with a little more weight than poplin. Rustic cotton is 130-135 cm wide and 150-155gr / mt2 thick.

vestido de mujer

Another fabric that gives you a similar feel and drape is viyellas.

It is known as winter cotton since its touch is soft and warm and its thickness is 145gr / mt2. Ideal for mid-season garments.

To sew them you have to take into account these recommendations:

  • Universal needle, thickness: 80/90.
  • Steam or wash before cutting and sewing.

We hope that with this compilation you have learned a little more about the world of fabrics. Visit our website to see the variety of fabrics and different qualities that you can find.

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