Make a modern crochet square cardigan with the free Violet Chunky Cardigan pattern by @giulia_pizzato90

22 June, 2022

FirstHi, I’m Giulia Pizzato @giulia_pizzato90, I taught myself crochet 3 years ago. Without a doubt, YouTube tutorials and books were fundamental to learn all the secrets of crochet. It’s a continuous practice, which must never stop: experimenting and playing with yarns is the best way to grow creatively. I especially love nature, simple things, and photography. I’d say my passions are combined in my designs. Like the Violet Chunky Cardigan, inspired by the soft and sunny tones of spring, which I share on Katia’s blog. Here’s a customizable pattern that is easy to adapt to other sizes to make a crochet square cardigan in a mixture of textures and pastel tones.

  violet-chunky-cardigan free cropchet pattern

Crochet square cardigan

Are you looking for crochet square cardigan patterns, beyond Harry Styles’ viral cardigan? Then, have fun with the Violet Chunky Cardigan design by @giulia_pizzato90. A modern women’s cardigan with buttons and puffed sleeves, perfect for wearing year-round and totally customizable! For that reason, this pattern is perfect as a base to create all kinds of stitch, color, and texture combinations. Giulia combines 3 different yarns in order to achieve a unique result: the pastel tones of Katia Saigon, the fluffy effect of Katia Perline, and the softness of Nido de Lanas Stop. In conclusion, if you want to wear one of the top trends among crochet and fashion fans, start your crochet square cardigan thanks to this free pattern.

violet-chunky-cardigan free cropchet pattern

Violet Chunky Cardigan by @giulia_pizzato90

Sizes and measurements

  • Single
  • Back: 34 cm x 85 cm
  • Fronts: 34 cm x 34 cm
  • Sleeves: 31 cm
  • Rib borders: 4 cm


  • Katia Saigon color 11 (lemon yellow): 2 balls; color 15 (blue): 2 balls; color 38 (medium rose): 2 balls; color 3 (off-white): 3 balls.
  • Katia Perline color 100 (white): 1 ball
  • Nido de Lanas Stop color 320 (rose): 1 ball
  • Crochet hooks: 3 mm and 2.5 mm
  • 3 buttons

Stitches and abbreviations

Videos: click on the name of each stitch or technique to see how to do it.

Gauge Each square measures 17 cm x 17 cm = 40 sts x 26 rs

Crochet square cardigan free pattern


  • To increase or decrease the size of the cardigan, keep in mind that the starting chains must be a multiple of 5. Therefore, the amount of yarn required can vary.
  • The chs up count as 1 st.

Back and fronts

Ch200, ch2 more up and make the first dc into the 4th ch from the hook. Continue dc changing color as indicated in chart (=every 40 sts).

Make 2 rows of 5 squares each. Cut yarn and work both fronts separately, leaving a center square empty.

For each front: make 3 rows of 2 squares each.

Crochet square cardigan free pattern

  • Work double-stranded with Katia Saigon and Nido de Lanas Stop
  • Work with Katia Perline

Crochet square cardigan back


At first, fold the garment in half, leaving the opening in the center. After that, sew the sides of the fronts and back, starting at the waist. Leave also 3 squares on either side without joining to make the armholes for the sleeves.

Cardigan border

Firstly, work around the entire edge in sc, respecting the color changes.

On the second r, change to Katia Saigon color 3 (off-white), ch3 up and work a r of dc around the entire edge.

Continue with 4 rs of rib (=FP dc2 and BP dc2).

Colorful buttonholes

To make the 3 buttonholes on the left front, on R5, mark out the desired placement and, when you come to it, ch4 and sk 3 sts. This is, indeed, how you make the buttonholes.

To finish, work 4 more rs of rib until you have 9 rs in total.

Crochet square cardigan buttons

Puffed sleeves

In this case, attach yarn to armhole and work one r of sc respecting the color changes. At the end, place a marker at the BOR to work in the round.

On the next r, change to Katia Saigon color 3 (off-white) and dc for 24 rs. Next, change to Katia Saigon color 11 (lemon yellow) and dc for 18 rs.

Then, start the decreases as follows:

R19: *dc5, dec1*, rep** to end of R.

R20: dc to end of R.

R21: *dc4, dec1*, rep** to end of R.

R22: dc to end of R.

R23: *dc4, dec1*, rep** to end of R.

R24: dc to end of R.

R25: *sc2, dec1*, rep** to end of R.

R26: *Sl st2, dec1*, rep** to end of R.

R27: change to 2.5-mm crochet hook and work 1 r of sc.

Rib cuffs

You should have a number of sts that is a multiple of 4 for the cuff to work 10 rs of rib (=FP dc2, BP dc2).

Crochet square cardigan buttons