Learn how to sew a women’s shirt with this free pattern by Katia Fabrics with a step-by-step tutorial

Today we suggest a sewing project to learn how to sew a women’s shirt following this free sewing pattern by Katia Fabrics. We’re also going to lightly modify the pattern to turn it into a short-sleeved cropped design so that you can wear it this summer.

The fabric we’re going to use to make this trendy blouse is Grannie Embroidery White. A 100% cotton fabric that’s perfect for this pattern. Although we’re going to give you some more ideas so that you can make the women’s blouse you’ve always dreamed of.

Get your sewing machine ready and follow the video tutorial to make this shirt design where you’re going to learn many techniques and sewing tips, how to sew button bands, a shirt collar, and how to make buttonholes on your sewing machine.

Video tutorial of a women’s shirt with free pattern

Take note of the materials and tools needed and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the video tutorial to sew this women’s shirt design. Also, we’re going to make some modifications to the pattern so that you can sew this design and achieve the perfect blouse for this summer.

This sewing pattern also works really well to make this design with Diamond Embroidery White, Plumeti Moon White, Plumeti Vintage Solid, and Rustic Cotton.

You can sew this pattern with pockets as we show in this video tutorial. In this case, the fabric chosen was a winter muslin, specifically Mousselina Vichy Aqua & Choco.

Materials (sizes S-M-L-XL)

  • Grannie Embroidery White by Katia Fabrics. Amount of fabric according to size: Size S – 190 cm of fabric / Size M – 195 cm / Size L – 195 cm / Size XL – 200 cm
  • Free pattern by Katia Fabrics
  • 12-mm buttons: 8 – 10 units
  • Thin fusible interfacing for collar and button bands


Making the shirt

  1. Interface the front center button bands, the button bands are sown onto the fronts. Place the right side of the button bands facing the wrong side of the fronts and sew. Next, turn the button band outwards, iron 1 cm from the edge and backstitch to fasten the button band. Mark and sew the buttonholes and the buttons in the position indicated in the pattern.
  2. Place the fronts of the shirt facing the back with right sides facing, sew the shoulders. Assemble the sleeves making the pattern notches match (right side facing the right side), pin and sew. Close the sides of the sleeves and the body, right sides facing.


  1. Next, attach the interfacing on the wrong side of one half of the collar and the collar band. Place both halves of the collar right sides facing, pin. Sew all around the edge except for the bottom. Cut off seam allowances at the corners, turn the collar right side out, backstitch close to the outer edge.
  2. Fold back and sew the inside of the collar band at 1 cm. Place the top of the collar between both sides of the collar band, right sides facing, and sew.
  3. Apply the outside of the collar band around the neckline, right sides facing, and sew.
  4. Backstitch the inside of the collar band close to the edge around the entire outline of the collar band. Make the collar buttonhole and sew the button.

We hope these step-by step instructions have been useful for you to learn how to sew a short-sleeved women’s shirt. If you make this blouse, tag us with the #Katiafabrics hashtag on social media because we love to see everything that you make with our fabrics.

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