Celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day with a party! Decorate your event with this crochet garland with letters

Autor: Katia
2 May, 2023

Knitters and crocheters of the world, June 10, 2023, is our day! This World Wide Knit in Public Day comes with a crochet garland pattern to decorate the public spaces you meet up in. At Katia, we want to turn these events into a real party so, this is why we share this free pattern created by Leire @ameskeria. #KatiaKIP2023 is the perfect day to raise awareness of the diversity of the Katia Community, bringing together both fans of knitting and crochet. Let’s have fun knitting in public under colorful crochet garlands!

crochet garland with letters

Crochet garland with fabric letters

This crochet garland pattern includes a template with letters to cut out canvas fabric by Katia Fabrics. A simple and easy way of sewing or gluing the letters to each triangular banner made with Katia Fair Cotton. They are then joined together using Katia Macramé Cord Fine to welcome everyone with the message HAPPY KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY.

crochet garland with letters

World Wide Knit in Public Day customizable decoration

How about suggesting this pattern as a collaborative project to your knitting group or trusted yarn store? Everyone attending the World Wide Knit in Public Day event can bring a banner with a letter or motif such as stars, hearts, etc. The crochet garland with fabric letters is fully customizable. For example, you can:

  • create a different message to the one suggested, HAPPY KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY
  • Change the colors of Katia Fair Cotton used
  • Add elements to the triangular banners like tassels and pompoms

With this decorative idea made as a group, your space will definitely look like a fun party. Beyond 100% YOU decorations, get ready for a day full of fun knitting games!

patrón gratuito banderines

Map of events at Katia Stores

Do you want to take part in World Wide Knit in Public Day? Then, take a look at the Store map on katia.com to find which nearby businesses organize events and meetings to knit outdoors. We have more ideas to organize an unforgettable party and celebrate that day! We’ll tell you all about it in our post next Tuesday. SPOILER ALERT! We’re going to surprise you with 5 knitting games to have an incredible World Wide Knit in Public Day alongside the entire Katia Community.

crochet garland with letters