Participate in #MyHexagonDesign and win 20 balls to make the customizable Hexagon Blanket by @dendennis

If you are looking for a crochet blanket with a modern design, that is customizable and easy to make, today is your lucky day! Also, it’s a double win… Why? Well, on the one hand, we share the Hexagon Blanket pattern designed by @dendennis for free with Premium Designers. As you know, for the last 5 years, we support independent designers through this space dedicated to exclusive knitting and crochet designs. And, on the other hand, because you have the opportunity to win 20 balls of Katia Alabama (among other surprises). Surprise! Only if you participate in the #MyHexagonDesign competition on Instagram, of course. Get the Hexagon Blanket PDF and amaze everyone by designing your own crochet hexagon.

Hexagon Blanket

Premium Designers: @dendennis

Dendennis is a graphic designer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with his wife, daughter, and son. Since 2012 he has learned himself to crochet because he needed to relax from advertising and constantly looking at screens (Computer, TV, telephone). He soon started to design his own patterns and now in 2021 he has published 10 crochet books and 3 knitting books and multiple guest designs. He has turned a fun hobby into a successful business and still loving every second of it. For Katia Yarns, he’s designed the Hexagon Blanket that is easy to crochet and can be easily adjusted in different graphic styles. Hope you enjoy it!

easy to crochet hexagon blanket easy to crochet pattern free crochet pattern

Customizable Hexagon Blanket

Do you want to decorate to your home with an accessory with a modern design that can be adapted to your decor? Talented Dendennis suggests playing with color combinations and the placement of the hexagons. With the crochet Hexagon Blanket, discover how to make 3 design ideas: Gears, Neutral and Sunny. Be inspired by all the customization options of this geometric element. Imagine making blankets, cushions, rugs… Using only crochet hexagons, combining the fibers and colors of your choice. Now that you have pictured it, do you want to win the materials to make your own Hexagon Blanket?

Hexagon Blanket

#MyHexagonDesign competition

We encourage you to participate in an easy, fun and creative competition, until September 1, 2021! How can you participate and win 20 balls of Katia Alabama (and other gifts) to make the Hexagon Blanket?

  1. Make a crochet hexagon with Katia yarns 100% designed by you! Just follow the Dendennis pattern in the colors, stitches and design you imagine.
  2. Take a photo of your hexagon or hexagons (yes, you can participate with more than one design) and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #MyHexagonDesign.
  3. Tell us the name of your design and mention or tag @dendennis and @katiayarns, please. This is how you enter the creative competition to win one of 2 Katia bundles that we will give away as prizes. With Dendennis we will choose the 2 most creative Instagram posts. 

Recommendation: If you want to show us what the full blanket design would look like, feel free to include a sketch or drawing of your design in the photo. Hush! Here’s a template if you need help.

plantilla colcha hexagonal

Competition rules

  • The photo or photos participating in the competition must be your own, and the hexagons must be made with Katia yarns.
  • Post the photos within the period the competition runs for, that is, from July 27 to September 1, 2021 (inclusive).
  • Your Instagram profile must be public for us to take your photo into account.
  • Posting one photo is enough to participate, but you can share as many photos of your hexagon as you like. The more creatively you share your design, the better!
  • Each different design shared on Instagram counts as one entry.
  • Competition open to creative hands residents in Europe and Mexico.
  • We will announce the 2 winning profiles on this post and on Instagram on Monday, September 6.
  • We will contact each winning profile through direct message on Instagram: to directly report the result of the competition and request the details necessary to send the prize.

My Hexagon Design winners

Congratulations and thanks to everybody for participating!

The winners are …


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