Amigurumis Ovi & Lana, Katia’s Minicrafters

Get to know Lana & Ovi, Katia’s Minicrafters that fearlessly knit everything they imagine. We’re going to share this amazing free pattern to make your own Ovi & Lana amigurumis. In the PDF download, you will find row-by-row instructions and step-by-step images to easily understand how to make embroidered details. Our dear friend Mel @gallimelmas, an amigurumi teacher, is responsible for bringing Lana & Ovi to life, the characters illustrated by Pau Lopez Navarra for Katia Academy, our textile arts workshops for schools.

Minicrafter Lana: Approx. 38 cm high x 10 cm
Minicrafter Ovi: Approx. 30cm high x 16cm wide

Difficulty level (2):

Crochet hook
Stitches and techniques

Other techniques
Magic Ring, Seam in Back Stitch, Embroidery Chain Stitch, Embroidery Basting Stitch, Embroidery Back Stitch

To make this pattern you will need:

Edition in:

Accessories you may need:

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