New year, new knitting challenge! A free pattern to knit a bottom-up colorwork sweater with circular needles

28 December, 2021

The year is coming to an end. Do you need inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions? This 2022, we encourage you to go one step further and challenge you with a new knitting project for you to learn some techniques! So, we suggest downloading the free Confetti Sweater pattern available in 8 sizes —from size XS to 4XL— as a PDF at This is a Nordic-inspired design, a must-knit this season, created by @_knittingforbreakfast_. Get ready to knit a bottom-up colorwork sweater with circular knitting needles in a combination of 50 Mohair Shades that you can change according to your taste and style.

bottom-up colorwork sweater

Confetti Sweater by Knitting for Breakfast

For the second time, sisters Alessia and Fabia Taverna from Knitting for Breakfast invite us to knit a sweater in the round. The first design was a top-down sweater with a circular yoke. This time, we share their Confetti Sweater pattern, available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL. “We use bright and contrasting colors to convey a sense of joy during a sadly gray time. Even the choice of name, Confetti, refers to the concept of parties and colors that remind us of Carnival. Even if this year will be a bit different than usual, we think that wearing something colorful will lift our spirits.”

bottom-up colorwork sweater

How to knit a bottom-up colorwork sweater with circular knitting needles

If you’re wondering how to knit a bottom-up colorwork sweater with circular knitting needles, take note!

  1. First, knit in the round from the bottom up to the armholes.
  2. Then, split the work into two equal parts to work the front and back flat.
  3. Next, graft the shoulders together.
  4. Knit the sleeves in the round, from the shoulders to the cuffs.
  5. Finally, complete the sweater working the neckline in the round.

Also, using the colorwork technique and with the help of some charts, knit this geometric motif design in a pretty color combination of 50 Mohair Shades. Without a doubt, this is an incredibly detailed free pattern, full of little challenges to help you level up from beginner to expert.

bottom-up colorwork sweater

Knitting with circular knitting needles

First, if you’ve never tried knitting with circular knitting needles or in the round, we suggest practicing some basic stitches. Remember that if you have any doubts about a technique, we have lots of videos available in our Academy section on the website and on our YouTube channel. For example, we explain how to knit stockinette stitch in the round, or ribbing.

We also recommend following simple patterns that are suitable for your level. If this is your case, learn with these two useful resources:

Of course, if you’re comfortable knitting in the round and you’re looking for a unique and entertaining design, this sweater pattern is perfect for you. Additionally, 50 Mohair Shades is a pleasure to knit with because of its composition, selection of 50 colors, feel, and lightness. Create your favorite color combination, start 2022 knitting a customized sweater and enjoy your Confetti Sweater year-round.

color combination

How to knit Colorwork in the round

Do you want to learn how to knit colorwork in the round? In the following video (how to knit a sock step-by-step) you’ll find an example on how to knit colorwork in the round with circular knitting needles.

We also recommend our Tips & Tricks videos, and our live classes on Instagram @katiayarns. Once a week, Anna, our Katia Academy teacher, shows us different techniques applied to our patterns. In this case, she shows us how to follow a colorwork chart (for another sock) and knit it in the round.