6 free patterns to create non-stop and play with the colors in Katia Boomer, the easy-to-knit tangle-free yarn

8 February, 2022

Striped prints, color blocks, patchwork inspired designs, zigzag sections… Non-stop creativity with Katia Boomer, our new tangle-free yarn. Play with the 5 assorted colors included in this striking ring-shaped ball. Without a doubt, Katia Boomer is perfect to make garments and accessories in unique color combinations. Like the 6 free patterns created by Gallimelmas, Madeinrox, Knitandpepper and Katia’s Design Team that we share with you. Discover Katia Boomer’s secrets, dare to play with colors and have fun with our 6 creative knitting and crochet projects available in PDF format. Easy-peasy knitting with Katia Boomer, our tangle-free ball of yarn…

tangle-free yarn

Boomer, tangle-free yarn

Looking for easy to start balls of yarn, with a quick to find end, without tangles caused by a ball rolling on itself when knitting? Try the surprising Katia Boomer and discover the advantages of this different ball:

  • new tangle-free ball of yarn format
  • quick to start
  • comfortable to knit and crochet
  • consisting of 5 colors that you can combine in whichever order you prefer

In this video, we show you how to prepare a ball of Katia Boomer before starting your knitting or crochet projects.

Knitting with Katia Boomer is extremely easy! First, cut the plastic tie that keeps the ends of Boomer together in a circular shape. Next, pull the end you prefer and start knitting or crocheting without any worries. Do you want to crochet or to knit the 5 Boomer colors in a different order? Easily separate the color sections to cut the join between colors and make separate balls of yarn.

Boomer tangle-free yarn

Non-stop creativity!

Katia Boomer is one of our NON-STOP CREATIVITY balls, that is, it’s designed to create continuously. So, here are some patterns using Boomer created by @gallimelmas, @madeinrox and @knitandpepper, 3 creative knitting and crochet designers. Find out everything that can come from a ball of Katia Boomer! Play with techniques, combine colors, and be inspired to customize or make new 100% You creative ideas come to life.

tangle-free yarn

1. Montanna hat and mittens by @gallimelmas

Choose your favorite Katia Boomer color combination to make your own Montanna set, a youthful hat and fingerless mitten design, perfect for beginners. You just need a ball of Katia Boomer to wear a pompom hat and crochet mittens, thanks to this pattern created by @gallimelmas.

crochet hat mittens

2. High neck crochet dickey by @madeinrox

You just need one ball of Katia Boomer to keep you warm with this winter’s star project: a high neck crochet dickey. Download this pattern created by @madeinrox to crochet a zigzag stripe dickey with a warm turnover collar.

High neck crochet dickey

3. Crochet drawstring bag by @madeinrox

Turn one ball of Katia Boomer into a crochet bag with large stripes in 5 colors. The perfect accessory to carry your project everywhere! Choose a ball of Boomer in your favorite color combination and make a fun and practical crochet drawstring bag. 

Crochet drawstring bag

4. Boomblock cardigan by @knitandpepper

Knit a unique colorblock cardigan with Boomer! Get some balls of Katia Boomer ready to knit this season’s trend thanks to the Boomblock pattern designed by @knitandpepper. Download the PDF instructions, available for free at katia.com, and enjoy knitting this patchwork inspired cardigan. Patchwork is a sewing technique that uses pieces of different fabrics to create unique designs. 

cardigan punto patchwork

Pattern access through QR codes

When you have a ball of Katia Boomer yarn in your hands, look carefully for the QR codes included on the label. Use your phone’s QR code reader to easily access 100% Katia free patterns.

Boomer tangle-free yarn

5. Color block double cowl 100% Katia

Choose a ball of Boomer in your favorite color combination and make a color block crochet double cowl. Thanks to the format of Boomer, you can change the order of the colors and thus customize a must-have winter accessory.

crochet double cowl

6. Knit a colorblock sweater and stand out!

Finally, follow this free pattern we share with you and get ready to wear a modern knitted sweater with Boomer. Using the intarsia technique, we suggest knitting a colorblock design with a neon pop in this cropped sweater with wide sleeves and a turnover collar. Are you brave enough for this color combination?

jersey punto patchwork