Sewing Pattern Contest ✂ Have your most creative accessory design published in the Katia Fabrics magazine!

9 January, 2023

Are you passionate about design, sewing and making your own accessories? If you want to see your sewing pattern published in the next Katia Fabrics magazine, our Katia Fabrics creative contest is for you. Take part in Katia Fabrics Sewing Pattern Spring•Summer 24, the 1st edition of our Sewing Pattern Contest. All you have to do is create an accessory pattern: a bag, a bum bag, a backpack, etc. If your design is the winner, in addition to seeing your pattern published in the next Katia Fabrics magazine, you will also receive €150 worth of Katia products of your choice.

We support your talent! Having a sewing pattern that you have created published is a great opportunity to get yourself known. Jump into the world of design with the Katia Fabrics Sewing Pattern Awards AW23/24!

Sewing Pattern Contest

Sewing Pattern Contest Requirements

1. Your own design

The pattern must be 100% your own creation.

2. Life size and PDF format

Generate a PDF with the pattern pieces or pattern lines of your accessory in life size.

  • If you master any editing programs, design your pattern digitally in life size.
  • If you prefer, draw your pattern by hand in life size on A4 paper, scan it and create a PDF.

It will be highly appreciated if the pattern has been sewn up previously so that you can show us images of what your design looks.

3. Project for Canvas Slim

Let your imagination run wild and surprise us! Create an accessory that is 100% YOU: backpacks, bags, bum bags, purses, wallets, work bags, sewing kits, lunch boxes, laptop covers, mobile covers, etc. Keep in mind that the final fabric that you are going to use to create your design is Canvas Slim, a canvas fabric ideal for creating accessories thanks to its resistance and durability. 

Sewing Pattern Contest

Participate in Katia Fabrics Sewing Pattern!

  1. Create a 100% You sewing pattern in a life size digital PDF format.
  2. Click on the following link to complete the entry form before the 15th of February 2023. Remember to attach your life-size sewing pattern in a digital PDF format and photos of what your accessory looks like once sewn.


Sewing Pattern Contest

How will we choose the winner?

The members of the Katia Fabrics Design Team will select the finalists from all of the proposals received. We will evaluate, above all, the surprise factor. We want to reward your most creative side, so surprise us! Furthermore, we will also take into account the suitability of the design for making up in the Canvas Slim fabric. With these criteria in mind, we will select the winner.

*Read the complete terms of this convocation.

Prize for the winning design

If your design is the winner, we will contact you. From this moment, we will work so that your pattern forms part of the new Katia Fabrics Spring/Summer 24 sewing pattern magazine as a free pattern. We will make your talent known on our social networks, so get ready for the best!

Furthermore, you will receive 150 € worth of Katia products of your choice, so you can create whatever you desire with these materials.