Release your creativity with Katia Packs! Be inspired by the 35 color palettes available

3 January, 2023

Dare to release your creativity! Because, with Katia Packs, it’s possible. Find the perfect color palette to bring your knitting and crochet ideas to life. Be inspired by the 35 color palettes available!

Katia Packs

Katia Packs

Each of the Katia Packs suggests an on-trend color combination of some yarn favorites among the Katia Community: Basic Merino, Super Merino, Merino Aran, Mindwoolness, Merino Baby, Merino 100% and Merino Tweed. Choose your favorite balls of yarn in your favorite tones and add color to 2023!

Katia Packs

3 tips to release your creativity with Katia Packs

  1. Explore. Discover new color palettes and yarns to create your projects. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations until you find your favorite.
  2. Experiment.Try different crochet or knitting techniques to obtain different results. Combine different balls to create unique and innovative patterns.
  3. Have fun. Katia Packs are the best way to express your creativity. Spend time taking care of your creative side and, above all, enjoy the process!

ideas creatividad combinación colores

Why should you spend time developing your creativity?

Because it’s the best way to discover new ideas, solutions, and approaches for projects. Also, it’s a wonderful way to relax and spend time on something you really enjoy. So, we hope that the Katia Packs become your best ally to release your creativity.

Packs de ovillos Katia

5 ideas you can create with a Katia Pack

First, we encourage you to be inspired by the thousands of patterns available at Nevertheless, here are 5 ideas that you can create with a Katia Pack:

  1. a granny square blanket
  2. a colorwork cardigan
  3. an intarsia dress
  4. a striped sweater
  5. an oversized colorwork scarf

Undoubtedly, granny squares, striped or checked prints, and intarsia and colorwork designs are the perfect techniques to make the most of the color palettes in our Katia Packs.

ideas creatividad

Special Crochet Blankets Katia E-Book

Do you need more inspiration to turn a Pack of Katia yarn into your first project of the year? If so, take a look at the Crochet Blankets Katia e-book with 13 crochet blanket patterns.

colorwork crochet blankets

Enjoy an exquisite selection of designs to make all kinds of blankets that will bring warmth to your home. Get this PDF magazine only at!

Special Crochet Blankets Katia E-Book