Do you want to sew a sleeping bag for your baby? Know 4 awesome sack patterns!

25 February, 2019

When you become a mum or dad the sleeping bag becomes an essential item for your baby. It will be your best ally by stopping your baby from moving too much whilst asleep, from becoming uncovered or getting cold. Making sure that a baby can sleep peacefully, be protected and maintain a perfect body temperature are all issues that many parents are concerned about, as are the security and comfort of a newborn who has just been welcomed into the home. Using a sleeping bag will help avoid the possible dangers that a sheet and blanket can present, assuring that both you and your baby will be able to sleep more peacefully.

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Do you want to sew a sleeping bag for your baby?

If the idea of making a sleeping bag for you baby instantly puts a smile on your face, you are in the perfect place. Before anything, we are going to pont out a few things to keep in mind before starting.

Sleeping bags for babies can be used for both summer and winter, helping to keep the baby warm in winter and cool during the summer. You should always use natural fibres to make them to avoid causing any allergic reactions. Our 100% cotton poplin and 95% cotton jersey fabrics are especially recommended for making soft garments and accessories for babies because they let the delicate baby skins breath.

Another advantage is of using natural materials is that they can be easily washed in a washing machine*.

*Always when a machine washable natural filling has been used in the sleeping bag.

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Our sewing pattern collection features 4 which include sleeping bags for babies.

Sleeping bag, hat and mitten set

An original and enveloping sleeping bag for their sweet dreams. Furthermore, this pattern includes a matching hat and mittens and a rocking rattle. Even if you are a beginner you can easily make this easy level pattern, above all if you use velcro to closures.

Conjunto saco, gorro, y manoplas

Sleeping bag and changing mat

The best refuge for a baby is inside this soft, fluffy and reversible sleeping bag. You can choose the side you want to use. You can also make a baby changing mat which includes a pocket for wet wipes and matching nappies, for your pram bag.. This project is for medium level sewers.

Footmuff & Changing Mat Set Pattern

Dinosaur sleeping bag

Dinosaur sack Pattern

This sleeping bag which is in a really fun dinosaur shape and has an easy to manage side zip opening. This pattern will keep your baby nice and warm. This is an advanced level project due to the zip insertion and various other details.

Dinosaur sack Pattern

Penguin sleeping bag pattern

Penguin sack Pattern

You can also make this amusing penguin shaped sleeping bag to ensure that your baby has the sweetest of dreams. It has an easy to manage side zip opening. This is an advanced level project due to the zip insertion and various other details.

Penguin sack Pattern

We hope that you feel excited about having a go at sewing one of them.

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