Learn how to make a simple raffia Tote Bag using the video and the Knit and Love crochet pattern

Get two balls of Katia Raphia ready to make a simple raffia Tote Bag. It’s so easy! You only have to follow the step by step video and the crochet pattern created by Sonia Ribas of Knit and Love. For this lover of DIY, all things handmade are like “a therapy that help us connect with our inner selves”. This project unites two of her passions: crochet and sewing. Sonia explains that she got started making things by hand “thanks to her mother’s sewing machine”. That’s why you are also going to learn how to make a lining for your raffia bag in this comprehensive video tutorial. See our wide range of printed fabrics from Katia Fabrics if you are looking for a lining fabric with an amusing print design. This summer, proudly show off a practical crochet tote bag made by you, with the help of Knit and Love!

raffia Tote Bag

Raffia Tote Bag Video

For the past 5 years, Sonia has been sharing “DIY video tutorials on Youtube showing crochet, knit, creative sewing and craft for kids projects. To be precise, hundreds of videos for learning, sharing and enjoying these amazing hobbies”. On this occasion, why not give it a go and follow this step by step video showing how to crochet your own raffia bag and furthermore, add a simple fabric lining.

Translated Subtitles

The Knit and Love video is narrated in Spanish, therefore we recommend that you activate the subtitles option on Youtube as follows.

  1. Click on the Subtitles icon to activate this option.
  2. Next click on the Configuration icon (just at the side).
  3. Once there, click on Subtitles (1) and then on Translate automatically where you can select the desired language you wish to read the subtitles in.

Although errors in the automatic Youtube translation may sometimes occur (names of stitches used for example), an image really is worth a thousand words and Sonia clearly shows how to make each part of the Tote Bag pattern.

raffia Tote Bag

Raffia Tote Bag 

Crochet pattern by Knit and Love

Materials: 2 balls of Katia Raphia col. 82, one size J10 (6mm) crochet hook, 2 stitch markers, 2 metres of cotton tape, 19 5/8” (50 cm) of Katia Fabrics Poplin: Origami Lion, pins, scissors, sewing machine and sewing thread.

Measurements: Width: 13 3/4″ (35cm) / Height: 11” (28cm) / Depth: 2 3/8” (6cm)

Stitches: Work the following relatively easy stitch sequence: (1 Single Crochet, 1 Chain Stitch) Repeat.

Parts of the bag: You will work three separate pieces: one large rectangular piece that forms the front, the base and the back; and two rectangle pieces for the sides.

raffia Tote Bag

Large rectangular piece:

  1. Front part. Make a slipknot and work 38 ch sts + 1 ch st to turn the work.
  2. Work: (1 sc, 1 ch st, skip 1 stitch) repeat until the end of the row. Finish with a chain stitch.
  3. Turn the work. (1 sc in the space of the chain stitch on the row below, 1 ch st) repeat until the end of the row.
  4. Repeat as indicated on the previous row for 30 rows.
  5. On row 31 work the same sequence, but inserting the hook in the front loop only.
  6. Base of bag. Work 4 normal rows with the same stitch sequence.
  7. On row 36 work the same as row 31.
  8. Back part of bag. Work 30 more rows with the stitch sequence.

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

raffia Tote Bag

Side Rectangles (x2):

Make a slipknot and work 8 ch sts + 1 ch st to turn the work.

Work the stitch sequence for 30 rows.

Making up the bag

Join the ends of the cotton tape (= form a circle) and sew. Centre the tape on the bag and pin in place so it does not move. Sew on the tape, using the sewing machine, working one row of stitching at each side of the tape, except for the part which will be used as the shoulder straps.

Join all the pieces of the bag. Match the central part of the bag to the sides and join from corner to corner using slip stitch. Finish off by working a row of slip stitch along the upper edge of the bag.

raffia Tote Bag

How to sew a bag lining

Join the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other and sew the sides and the lower edge. To make the base of the lining, make a triangle with the seams matching together at each lower edge corner, draw a line approximately 1 1/8” (3 cm) from the corner, sew and trim the excess fabric at the corners. Once the lining is made insert it inside the bag and sew it to the upper edge of the bag using the sewing machine.

An idea for decorating the bag: Make two coloured tassels and hang them from the side of one shoulder strap.

raffia Tote Bag

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