Follow the video-tutorial and learn how to sew frills on blouses with our new Plumetti fabrics from Katia Fabrics

If you want to know more about different types of fabric, and furthermore, try out some sewing techniques, this is the post for you. On the one hand, you can discover Plumetti Vintage Print from Katia Fabrics, the new Plumetti fabrics featuring vertical eyelet stripes, embroidered dots and beautiful floral prints. And on the other hand, we are sharing a video-tutorial where you can learn how to sew frills onto Plumetti blouses and dresses for babies, kids and women.

Plumetti vintage print fabrics

If you are not already familiar with this fabric, let us tell you that Plumetti is a perfect choice for sewing spring and summer garments. Thanks to its 100% cotton composition, Plumetti Vintage Print from Katia Fabrics is a soft, cool fabric that feels wonderful on the skin. We suggest that you enjoy using these romantic print fabrics for your summer garments. Do you want to add a boho touch to your garments? Then why not follow the step by step video showing how to sew a frill.

Plumetti Vintage Print, printed plumetti fabric

The Plumetti Vintage Solid fabrics are made from 100% cotton and feature a fine, cool and soft vertical embroidery detail. At you can find 5 prints with delicate branches of flowers on a white background. There’s no doubt that Plumetti is a high quality fabric perfect for dressing all the family.

Plumetti vintage print fabrics

Sewing patterns to make up with plumetti

We propose that you sew this beautiful, comfortable baby body with Plumetti Vintage Print Freedom Flowers. You can find the sewing pattern in the Spring Summer 2022 Essence magazine from Katia Fabrics.

Baby body Plumetti vintage print FREEDOM FLOWERS

In this new sewing pattern magazine you will also find the pattern to sew a strappy dress, with a gathered skirt and back button fastening, for your baby using the Plumetti Vintage Print Happy Florist Plants.

Baby dress with straps Plumetti vintage print fabric

Recommendations before sewing plumetti fabrics

Take note of these 3 tips for sewing Plumetti fabrics with ease:

  1. Use a size 70/80 universal machine sewing needle.
  2. Due to the fabric being 100% cotton, and therefore liable to shrink, we recommend you steam or wash the fabric before cutting out and making up.
  3. Due to this being a cambric fabric, it is not recommended for sewing fitted garments without working reinforcement stitching because the seams could tear.


How to sew a frill with plumetti

It’s time to practise! Turn your sewing machine on, because in this video-tutorial we are going to show you, step by step, how to sew a fabric frill with the Plumetti fabric. This technique is perfect for embellishing baby clothing, women’s blouses and kids dresses, etc. Furthermore, we show how to neaten the lower edge of the frill with a rolled hem for a perfect frill finish.

Now, as well as knowing a little more about plumetti fabrics, you can also sew frills to add a touch of romanticism to your sewing projects. We hope you feel encouraged to sew your plumetti garments with frills this summer!

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