Men also sew, and furthermore, they do it very well. Meet Toni Roviró and get to know his sewing story

10 May, 2019

Men also sew, and furthermore, they do it very well. And to prove our point we want to present you to Toni Roviró, a young music teacher and sewing enthusiast. Toni takes part in our Family & Katia Fabrics section, and explains how important the family has been throughout his recent sewing adventure. We met him in person at the First Family & Katia Fabrics get together last March, and we can assure you that it is a total pleasure to see his seams and finished edges.

Men also sew, by Toni Roviró

t-shirt for men
Australia collection: jersey fabrics

Hi! My name is Toni Roviró from @qstoniirt . I started sewing fairly recently. At home I had always seen my mother making beautiful things in crochet. Until one day I saw her making a present for my older brother with the sewing machine. I loved seeing the whole process that she was following come together, and the final result was spectacular. Not long after I decided to launch myself into my first creation: a tablet cover, which I’m happy to say I still have.

When I saw the result I was already thinking about buying more fabrics so I could sew more things. And as a consequence some very original tote bags started to appear! Soon after, my interest in making clothing was born and I bought my first t-shirt pattern. Then, I suppose what happens with everyone occurred with me too, I always wanted to go further and further. Which is exactly what I did, and it didn’t take long before new ideas and accessories were starting to take form: shirts, trousers, outerwear, underwear, and various accessories for daily use…

Toni shirt into the jungle
Jungle Leaves poplin fabric

His new passion: Sewing

Sewing has become a huge hobby for me and I dedicate all my free time to it, whilst always trying to think up new ideas and new projects with the aim of reaching a wider audience. Furthermore, I am very lucky to be able to share this hobby with other family members, which subsequently converts it into a great shared activity. Additionally, little by little I am creating the basis of different wardrobes, not just my own, but also for my sisters who end up getting their share too. Notwithstanding, the best bit of all is being able to proudly wear the clothes and accessories that I have conceptualized, planned, prepared and sewn myself.

toni t-shirt into the jungle
Into the Jungle jersey fabric

The satisfaction I get from wearing my own clothes, and having others recognise that I have made them, is priceless. For everyone out there, who still hasn’t started sewing or is just beginning, I totally recommend that you take up this great hobby.

I also encourage everyone at an intermediate level, like me, to continue sewing and to share your experiences with me.

And for all the professionals out there who are involved in the sewing world, thank you for showing us your creations.
It’s a piece of cake, you just need to get started!

men also sew

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