Love Denim Challenge: Recycle an old pair of jeans to win 3 selection packs of sustainable yarns

“73% of the world’s clothing ends up in landfill or other waste disposal systems. Only 15% of the world’s waste clothing is recycled, and more alarmingly, less than 1% is reutilized in new clothing” according to the The Global Fashion Agenda. There is no doubt that we can change these percentage amounts if we modify our buying habits and support the responsible use of resources. For this reason, we want to count on you for our Love Denim Challenge, much more than a creative competition. Share a customised or recycled denim clothing idea with the world using our Love Denim yarn. As well as closing the fashion cycle, giving a second life to recycled fibres and increasing the awareness of handmade items when you make your own slow fashion clothing, a selection pack of sustainable Katia yarns could be yours thanks to the Love Denim Challenge.

Love Denim Challenge

Join the Love Denim Challenge!

  1. Make. Transform, customize, reutilize or recycle a denim garment using Love Denim yarn.
  2. Create awarenessPublish your recylced or personalized idea for the Love Denim Challenge on your social networks or blog. Inspire others!
  3. Share. After all this, return to this post and share the link to your publication with a comment.

Take part in the Love Denim Challenge before the 22nd of April, World Earth Day. We are gifting 3 selection packs of sustainable Katia yarns to the winners chosen from all your project entries:

  • One pack for the project chosen by the Katia Team.
  • Another pack for the most voted on our Facebook page.
  • And the last pack for the project chosen by prize draw.

Love Denim Challenge

The 3 ecological R’s

Love Denim, an environmentally sustainable recycled yarn, is born from the thousands of jeans thrown away each year.  Therefore, this is a resistant sustainable yarn in worn, denim tones with a rustic appearance. Each ball of Love Denim complies with the 3 ecological R’s: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

  1. Reduce: Less residues and dyes. The manufacture of this 100% recycled yarn is carried out colour by colour, which means that dying and additional processes are not employed.
  2. Recycled: Regenerated cotton yarn. We repeat: the material used comes from old, waste jeans.
  3. Reuse: A useful second life. This is where you and the use of Love Denim for your knit and crochet projects comes in. Imagine, transform and give a new life to those jeans!

Love Denim Challenge

Ideas for recycling denim jeans

Get all those denim jeans, shirts, waistcoats, jackets, dresses and skirts, or denim accessories like bags, hats, backpacks etc, out of your wardrobe. Then choose which Love Denim colour (there are 10 colours available) you are going to use to renovate and give a second life to clothing. Have some fun creating and designing all kinds of recycling ideas for you denim clothing: hand embroidery, fringes, pom poms, tassels, frills, collars details, cuffs, pockets, crochet appliqués or pieces knitted on two needles to substitute parts of the garment. We can’t wait to see your Love Denim Challenge recycled projects!

Love Denim Challenge


Congratulations Sandra Márquez, Balbina Serrano, Annahechoamano and Laaurorita! You are the winners of an assortment of Katia sustainable yarns. We hope that these yarns will inspire new projects for recycling and customization of garments. Thanks for participating!


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