Les Petites Choses KAL: Let´s knit this sweet baby blanket together in our Knit-Along Katia group!

19 January, 2021

You can now order the Les Petites Choses Kit with 8 soft balls of Katia Missouri in unique colours! You will be using these new colours to knit this sweet baby blanket, designed by Morgane (Trust the Mojo), throughout the next 2021 Katia KAL. Before anything else, let’s explain that KAL is the abbreviation of Knit-Along, which means knit together in English. Therefore, with the Les Petites Choses KAL, we want you to enjoy the experience of knitting this soft blanket together with thousands of members from our international Katia Knit-Along Facebook group. Join our group to get the Les Petites Choses knit blanket pattern for free!

baby blanket

Enjoy the little things

How to take part in the KAL? Take note! Once the KAL has started we will be sharing one part of the pattern every week in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian. Work each new stitch at your own pace; share photos of your progress: consult the group with your questions or help other participants with tips and advice. In addition to downloading the instructions to make this beautiful baby blanket, in our Katia Knit-Along group you are also going to enjoy all those little things that make a KAL magic. Learn new stitches, play with the colour combination, share each bit of progress with others and be part of a large group of knit lovers from all over the world. Knit, connect and have fun!

Les Petites Choses KAL

Morgane & Katia Missouri

“The new Katia Missouri colours were my main inspiration when designing the Les Petites Choses blanket. They have transported me back to those afternoons of merry-go-rounds and old carousels after visiting the cake shop. With the memories of these small things present, I propose that you knit a baby blanket full of stitch combinations and tonal pastel patterns. Floral motifs, stripes, relief stitches, small eyelet details, jacquard stitch… textures and colours that create a world full of small things waiting to be discovered”. Morgane Trust the Mojo, designer of Les Petites Choses baby blanket.

Knit-Along Katia

KAL Les Petites Choses

  • Start: February 24.
  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Designer: Morgane Trust the Mojo 
  • Instructions: Every week we share a part of the free pattern on the Facebook group Knit-Along Katia and a video to learn how to knit the stitches used on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel and activate notifications to receive an alert for each new video! 
  • Languages: The pattern will be available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian. The videos will be available in Spanish, French, Dutch and German. The Spanish version will have subtitles in English and Italian. 
  • Materials: Kit Les Petites Choses with 8 balls of Katia Missouri in new and exclusives colours. Also required: 2 pairs size 4 US / 3.5 mm circular needles and 2 cables 32´´ / 80 cm or longer, wool needles, scissors, pins and locking mats (optional). Note: 2nd pair of needles is required to knit the border, this can be size 4 US / 3,5 mm or 6 US / 4 mm. 
  • Availability: Les Petites Choses kit is available in Katia stores and also on katia.com if you are resident in Spain Peninsula and Balearic Islands, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. The kit is only available in these brand-new combinations of Katia Missouri colours. If you prefer a different colour combination or yarn, make your choice at katia.com.
  • Measurements: approx. 80 x 85 cm after blocking. These are the measurements obtained by knitting the 8 balls of Katia Missouri contained in the kit. Of course, you can always make a bigger blanket knitting more stitches than indicated at the beginning of the pattern, repeating the parts of the pattern shared each week or knitting a thicker Katia yarn with larger needles.

Les Petites Choses KAL

Free pattern and videos

Download the free pattern and follow the 6 videos to knit the Les Petites Choses blanket.