Learn how to sew kids’ pants with the Cottagecore sewing magazine by Katia Fabrics 👖 Step-by-step video tutorial

28 October, 2022

Here are the step-by-step instructions so that you can learn how to sew kids’ pants  (from 86 cm to 104 cm). The pattern for this cute design is included in the Fall-Winter Cottagecore sewing pattern magazine by Katia Fabrics and comes in sizes from 12-18 months (86 cm) to 3-4 years (110 cm).

These pants, with an elastic waist and front and back pockets, are the perfect design to make with the new Knit Velvet Cotton or Micro Corduroy fabrics, both in plain colors and prints. To make the most comfortable pants for your little one, we recommend using the new Jersey Denim T-shirt jersey fabric, a fabric that emulates denim fabric, but thanks to its composition is a soft and flexible jersey fabric.

how to sew kids’ pants

Tutorial for how to sew kids’ pants

✍️​ Take note of the materials and tools needed and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the video tutorial to sew these elasticated waist pants.

The fabric we’ve used to make these pants is one of the new fabrics from the new collection by Katia Fabrics. Jersey Denim is a fabric with a similar appearance to denim, but it’s a comfortable jersey fabric thanks to its composition with 13% elastane.

how to sew kids’ pants


  • Cottagecore sewing pattern magazine by Katia Fabrics – Design 19 Pants sizes Little (sizes 86 cm – 92 cm – 98 cm – 104 cm)
  • Jersey Denim fabric (According to size; 12-18 months: 70 cm / 18-24: 70 cm/2-3 years: 70 cm/3-4 years: 80 cm)
  • 12-mm wooden buttons: 2 units
  • 20-mm wide elastic (According to size; 12-18 months: 44 cm long / 18-24: 46 cm/2-3 years: 48 cm/3-4 years: 50 cm)

💬 Translated subtitles 

The video is narrated in Spanish, so (if this is not your language) we recommend you to activate the YouTube subtitles option:

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Although sometimes YouTube´s automatic translation can have errors (names of stitches used, for example), an image really is worth a thousand words and Jenifer clearly shows how to make each part of this project.

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Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Make the front and back pockets. First, sew the hems and iron the pocket seams. Next, sew on the 4 pockets and backstitch along the edge of each pocket.
  2. With right sides facing each other, sew the front rise of the pants up to the inseam.
  3. Repeat with the pieces for the back side. Sew the rise with right sides facing.
  4. With the back and front of the pants facing each other, sew along the side seams and the inseam.
  5. Fold the fly piece, with right sides facing. Sew the top and bottom. Turn right side out. Sew along one side of the front, from the inseam to the fold for the waist.
  6. Fold along the waistline towards the right side of the garment. Sew the fly piece to the other side of the center of the front. Place right sides facing each other. On the other side, backstitch the folded waist above the fly.
  7. Turn the waist towards the inside of the garment, make a decorative backstitch to hold the fly.
  8. Backstitch 1.5 cm from the top of the waist. Next, run a second line of backstitches 2.5 cm from the previous one. Leaving 5 cm open at each end to insert the elastic.
  9. Finally, insert the elastic through the ends of the waist with a safety pin. Sew the ends of the elastic on the inside at the end of the seams. Finish off by sewing the openings with a straight stitch.
  10. Make a buttonhole at the waist and on the fly. Attach the buttons.

how to sew kids’ pants

Lastly, hem along the inside of the pants according to the pattern inseam


how to sew kids’ pants