Are you a crocheter or knitter 2.0? Find out with our test!

27 August, 2019

Do you want to know how Internet has changed your relationship with knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarns? Whether it´s the first time you´re reading our blog or whether you´re a regular visitor who has already subscribed why not answer these amusing questions from our test. We hope to put a smile on your face while you discover if you´re a crocheter or knitter 2.0. You´re still not receiving our newsletter in your mail box? Remember to subscribe (right column of this blog on PC or at the end of this post on smartphone) to start being a knitter 2.0! 😉

Knitter 2.0

Are you a knitter 2.0 ?

1) Yarn bombing sounds like…

a) A high risk adventure sport.

b) Urban art, graffiti made with yarns.

c) Guerrilla knitting, urban knitting, graffiti knitting… I´d take part in yarn bombing without a second thought!

2) If we say Ravelry, you say…

a) Fresh pasta stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables…

b) A social network that connects knitters and crocheters from all over the world.

c) My personal paradise: I can find knit and crochet patterns, share projects and record my progress.

3) What you say if we suggest that you join a CAL or KAL

a) I´m sorry, politics don´t interest me.

b) Sounds like fun, but I prefer knitting on my own.

c) Tell me about the projects, materials, starting date and social network meeting!

4) The last knitting or crochet stitches you learnt were thanks to…

a) The invaluable patience of a relative or friend.

b) Learning through magazines, books and courses.

c) YouTube! Play. Knit or crochet. Stop. Knit or crochet. Repeat video. 

5) On your Instagram account we can see…

a) Instawhat?

b) Photos of my breakfast, my feet on the beach, my pets…

c) The Katia yarns that I´ve just bought, the first granny square of my blanket, a hat made from one ball of yarn…

6) The knit and crochet patterns that you like are in…

a) Handicraft magazines and books.

b) The previous answer, but I also download PDF patterns with my personal computer and keep the collection in a file.

c) All the previous things, and furthermore, using my mobile phone and tablet. Wherever I go, they come too!

7) In your city there´s a group that meets up to knit and crochet together and you…

a) Oh really? It´s the first I´ve heard of it!

b) Yes! I´ve been a few times, when a friend reminds me or when I remember.

c) I´m a big fan! I always sign up for group´s event in Facebook so that I receive notification of the meetup date.

Knitter 2.0

Mostly a)

Knit and crochet. Internet. Just like that, completely separate. But if you´re here it must mean that something is changing. Welcome! Discover, share and there´ll be no going back.

Mostly b)

You´ve been knitting or crocheting for a long time and you resort to Internet on a  regular basis. For example, by searching for inspiration about amigurumis or hats on Google Images, or showing interest in a  pattern posted on someone´s blog or by a group on Facebook. You are starting to share your creations and are considering the idea of starting your own blog. Go ahead and do it!

Mostly c)

You are a real knitter 2.0! Internet is partly “to blame“ for you having taken up knitting or crocheting. You discovered a virtual community where you can learn about, and share your enthusiasm for, your hobby. You are someone who sees the social networks and new technologies as allies which will help you to take your passion for knit and crochet outside of the four walls of your home. No doubt, 100% connected!