Dream of a handmade wardrobe with nairamkitty

Hi, my name is Marian, although I’m better know in the digital world as “nairamkitty“, and I’m delighted to be taking part in the Katia Fabrics blog, even more so because it’s my favourite season of the year, springtime. I’m here to explain to you how it’s possible to create a “handmade wardrobe” and even how you can sometimes combine matching looks with your kids.

handmade wardrobe

Handmade wardrobe

I’ve been sewing for many years and I can tell you that nearly 80% of my wardrobe consists of garments I’ve made myself. It’s something I really enjoy doing, from choosing the fabric, the project, the sewing and of course the first day to proudly wear the brand new garment. Who doesn’t like showing off a new piece of clothing and above all when it’s something that you have made yourself.

If you are still dreaming of a handmade wardrobe, delay no further and start right now… And remember, sewing is practice, patience and learning little by little from the mistakes you make. Therefore, I recommend that you start with easy garments that are made up from only a few pieces so that you can become more at ease with the processes.


Of course I also sew for my little ones and I didn’t want to loose this opportunity to sew some matching items for the three of them. I have chosen the COSMOS Universe. My kids go crazy about anything to do with the planets, stars and astronauts.

family handmade matching outfit

As for myself, I opted for a loose and very comfortable Japanese style blouse. I fell in love with the astronaut dog fabric, it couldn’t be any cooler, could it?  I must say though that the result of making this pattern has been a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t altogether sure if I was going to like myself in the wider cut, but on the contrary this and the oriental touch that the collar and the side openings give the blouse have fascinated me. I am extremely happy with the result.

Japanese long shirt Pattern

For the kids it was a little bit harder, I think the mustard fabric with a planet design is totally gorgeous and I had to use it no matter what, finally sewing Eric’s Bermudas with it. It’s a trouser model that I love, it has a lot of detail and furthermore the cut of the rise makes the garment very comfortable to wear. This is a pattern that I’ll definitely repeat soon.

sewing for kids

For the tiniest one who never stops moving I wanted something easy to put on and to take off. So when I saw the romper pattern made in jersey fabric I had no doubts. For this model I chose the Jersey melange UFO fabric. The pattern is very original and easy to make which makes it ideal for anyone who is starting to learn how to sew.

Katia Fabrics Patterns

The patterns are available with instructions in 6 languages and the pattern pieces are on sheets of paper that are not too large so making them easier to manage. All of the fabrics are an excellent quality and I can assure you of this because I’ve become accustomed to sewing clothes over the years and I only need to touch a fabric to know whether or not it’s going to give a good result. I also wash and press the fabrics before using them.

As you can see, the planets, UFOs and astronauts don’t exactly match precisely but rather in a more subtle way due to them belonging to the same collection. So, that’s how we’ve happily spent the morning wandering through the pine trees in our handmade clothes.

Happy sewing!

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