Do you know winter cotton or viyella fabric? We tell you all its properties

Winter cotton or Viyella is known by many similar names, you will find it as viella, villela or viyela. All of them are the same typical winter fabric that was originally a mixture of cotton and wool. Today we can find 100% cotton, with a polyester blend, with a wool blend, … A comfortable and warm fabric of great quality widely used in the manufacture of children’s clothing, shirts, suits, or winter pajamas. It is a very easy fabric to sew like poplin and with a nice drape, ideal for beginners.

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Get to know the Viyella fabrics

Plain, striped, tartan or printed. As it mainly contains cotton, you should wash your fabric before sewing with it to avoid surprises, as it can shrink a little. Viyella is ideal for all kinds of autumn-winter garments. The possibilities with this fabric are enormous, and that is why we are going to show you the variety that you can find in our catalog of both plain and patterned viellas.

Organic Cotton Print 

Its composition is 100% organic cotton 145 gr/m2 thick. Wonderful fabric for making children’s dresses and elegant mid-season garments such as overalls, hoods, or shirts. Choose between our two prints: dog tracks or ballet shoes.

Organic Cotton Print Footprint

Small dog tracks to pick from on a pink background or on a light gray background.


viyella footprint

Organic Cotton Print Ballerinas

Wonderful 100% organic cotton viyella in pastel pink with a delicate print of crowns and ballerina shoes in gold. It is also available with a charcoal gray background. The Glitter prints of the Viyella Organic Cotton Print should always be ironed on the wrong side of the fabric.

viyella organic cotton viyella organic cotton


Organic Stripes

Also made of 100% organic cotton, we have this pinstripe Viella available in 4 different combinations. Simplicity with an elegant design to make skirts, dresses, or pants. Charcoal gray, light gray, and navy blue.

organic stripes

Tartan Recycled

With the typical tartan check we have 5 combinations of grays with checks of different sizes. On this occasion, the composition is 50% cotton and 50% recycled polyester. A perfect fabric to make pants, skirts, or dresses.

viyella tartán

And in green and brown tones, sew the typical lumberjack shirt with this new tartan check pattern. It is made of 40% recycled polyester, which is why it has the Global Recycled Standard label.

tartan recycled

Organic Cotton Basic

This 100% organic cotton fabric of the highest quality in charcoal gray or pink is perfect to combine with the rest of the viyellas that we have presented to you. Soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, ideal for sewing warm garments for the autumn and winter season, such as over shirts, overalls, or dresses. Available in gray or light pink.

organic cotton basic

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