Discover 5 easy sewing ideas for this August

7 August, 2022

Whether you are a beginner or not, and you’d like to discover new pattern ideas, we propose 5 easy sewing ideas to get you sewing this August. Patterns for making; trousers, skirts, tops and bags… everything you need to dress your little one.

Furthermore, today we want to explain the importance of choosing the right fabric for each sewing project. Because if you do choose the right fabrics, half the battle is already won to ensure you are going to be happy with the results. Therefore, to avoid any doubts, we propose 5 sewing ideas, but we are also going to explain which fabrics are best to sew them with.

5 easy sewing ideas

1. Baby Bermudas

Enjoy sewing this simple trouser pattern over and over again. A Bermuda sewing pattern from the Essence sewing magazine. This baby model for ages 1 to 12 months is perfect for sewing with both woven fabrics (without elasticity) and elastic fabrics. Choose from the summer fabrics like jersey, muslin,  bambula or denim.

2. Girl’s skirt

Discover how easy it is to sew a pretty skirt, with a lining using Jersey fabric and the downloadable A4 PDF pattern. You can download the pattern at home and have the skirt ready in an afternoon.

You can sew this skirt with sequin fabrics, denim or poplin. And the lining with jersey, a knitted t-shirt type fabric that will give very comfortable results.

It’s so easy to make this skirt following the step by step video-tutorial. Get to know all the tips and advice for sewing with sequin fabrics.


3. Sleeveless top with open back

Sew this blouse model in size Little (from 5 to 12 years) featured in the Essence 22 sewing pattern magazine. This pattern for a sleeveless top with back opening is very easy to make in fabrics like jersey, in both solid colours or the wide range of printed jersey designs.

Fun bags for your little ones

1. Mini heart shaped bag

Download the A4 PDF pattern to sew this mini bag in the shape of a heart, with a long strap, for your little one. Use the sequin fabrics from Katia Fabrics to create a chic and original bag. They are available in 3 colours: Make-up & Silver, Aqua & Bronze and Gold & Black.

2. Mermaid tail bag

We propose a downloadable PDF sewing pattern to make a simple bag, with a long strap,  in the form of a mermaid’s tail. Sew it with the sequin fabrics from Katia Fabrics and create a really cute bag for your little one.

We look forward to seeing all your creations! You can tag us on social media using the hashtag #katiafabrics. We are always excited to see everything you make with our fabrics.