Colour and fun at Carnival! Discover our 2 Topi Print patterns: crocheted elf hat and knitted waistcoat

20 January, 2016


Carnival time is coming! The party where fantasy and creativity prevail. If you enjoy making fancy dress costumes for yourself and your family, here are two proposals to transform yourselves into friendly elves: a crocheted hat, and a knitted vest, made from Katia Topi Print. There´s no doubt that Topi and Topi Print are two of the most surprising and amusing yarns available from our extensive Fantasy Line. Why do we say that? Well, due to their daring colours, extra soft furry texture, incredible lightness and, furthermore, because they keep you cosy and warm.


Adding a fantastic handmade knit or crochet element to your costume is so easy. Download our 2 free Topi Print patterns: crochet elf hat for kids and unisex knit waistcoat. Choose your favourite colours, follow the instructions and experience a Carnival full of colour and fun.


We also want to remind you that the Kid’s Animal kits are available for the littlest ones so that they can be transformed into adorable little animals: pandas, cats, dogs, penguins, owls and monkeys. If you want to try your luck, take part in our competition. Which is your favourite Carnival animal, from the Katia Kid’s Animals selection? One of the 5 double packs that we are raffling could be yours. Take part!

Have you already made your Carnival costume? Did you make it by hand yourself? Share it with us!