How to create shirring with elastic thread on our most summery striped Fabrics: Nautic Stripes and Nautic Double Stripes

The summer is coming and striped fabrics are a must in our wardrobe, a print that never goes out of fashion and is always on trend. Create spring and summer clothes with a nautical inspired print using our Fabrics: Nautic Stripes and Nautic Double Stripes.

Sew elegant and trendy designs such as dresses, tops and shorts.

Some of these summer clothes are gathered at, for example, the waist, back or sleeves. One way to do this is with elastic shirring, moreover is very easy and useful sewing technique.

In addition, we share a step-by-step tutorial on how to create shirring with elastic thread use our most summery striped fabrics: Nautic Stripes Cotton and Nautic Double Stripes Cotton.

Stripes fabrics with a nautical inspired print

Stripes fabrics by Katia Fabrics

telas de rayas de Katia Fabrics

The Nautic line is composed of four cotton-based, soft and stretchy fabrics with a crumpled effect. It is the perfect fabric to create, for example, comfortable spring-summer clothes for the whole family.

This fabric is BCI certified (Better Cotton Initiative) and aims to transform cotton production worldwide, most importantly, it addresses environmentally friendly cotton production by mitigating the negative effects of cotton cultivation and processing, resulting in better sustainable cotton.

Take out your sewing machine create, with these striped fabrics, for example, all kind of summer outfits and complements with our sewing pattern magazines.

Nautic Double Stripes Cotton

Nautic Double Stripes Cotton is a striped fabric with a nautical-inspired print for summer looks. It’s available in two colours: yellow stripes and navy blue stripes.

Nautic Double Stripes

Nautic Double Stripes Cotton is very versatile fabric for summer accessories, for instance, sew such as scarves, towels, etc. Sew elegant and trendy designs such as dresses, tops and shorts

Por example, sew these lovely, comfy overalls with the Little size sewing pattern. You can find it in the Essence Spring-Summer 22 pattern magazine.

Striped fabrics

Nautic Stripes Cotton

Nautic Stripes Cotton is a vertical striped fabric in two colours, red stripes or anthracite grey stripes. A nautical-inspired fabric, however revamped for a casual style.

This fabrics it,s composition with 1% elastane, and its crinkled effect, therefore is ideal for sewing comfortable and elegant clothes.

stripes fabrics a Nautical-inspired fabric

In the Essence Spring-Summer 22 magazine you find the pattern and sewing instructions for this beautiful dress with straps, elastic shirring on the back and midi length.

dress with straps

How to create shirring with elastic thread with our Stripes Fabrics

In today’s mini tutorial you will learn how to create an elastic gathering with elastic thread. It’s a quick and easy technique that’s really popular in women’s wear right now.

All you need is your nautical-inspired striped fabric, elastic thread that you can find in any haberdashery and your sewing machine.  

You get a shirring effect with Elastic that you will only see on the reverse side of the fabric. This technique is very useful to adjust the back of a dress, the waist of a skirt or different sleeves. 

To make shirring with elastic thread is very easy. First thing, you have to wind your elastic thread around an empty bobbin and insert your bobbin into the machine as normal. Use a long straight stitch and increase the tension. Now you know how to sew a perfect elastic gathering.

shirring with elastic thread

We hope you have learned how to make shirring with elastic thread so that you can put it into practice in your next creations. This summer sew your striped clothes with elastic gathering!

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