Find 9 patterns to make children´s clothing with natural and sustainable yarns in our Katia Kids 101 magazine

13 April, 2022

The days of sun and heat are approaching, days of playing outside and enjoying the beach and the park. That is, shortly, 100% summer days arrive. So crafter, it is time to start projects for the family´s summer wardrobe: tops, dresses, jackets, and sweaters. If you knit, crochet and sew your clothes, congratulations, you are already part of the slow fashion trend! You are creating at your own pace, in no hurry, garments for you and your family with the best quality materials. To take even more care of the environment, bet on ecological, sustainable or 100% natural yarns. To inspire you, here are 9 knitting and crochet patterns to make children´s clothing with sustainable yarns. You can find all these models, together with a total of 31 designs, in the new Katia Kids 101 magazine.

Patterns to make children´s clothing

Katia Kids 101 Magazine

In the Katia Kids 101 magazine you can find 31 patterns, a wide range of daywear pieces to dress the youngest members of the family in 100% handmade clothes. This season, enjoy knitting our most colorful and summery yarns. But, above all, we want to encourage you to follow patterns to make children´s clothing with sustainable yarns.

patterns to make children´s clothing

ECO Yarns

In Katia we take good note of all your requests, conscious handmaker. Thus, every season we expand our ECO line with new environmentally friendly, recycled and fair trade yarns. Keep reading this post and discover 9 patterns made with Re-Tape Craft recycled yarn, Fair Cotton Mariner GOTS organic cotton, SeaCell Cotton biodegradable yarn and Mimosa and Paraiso 100% cotton yarns.

katia re-tape craft

9 patterns to make children´s clothing with sustainable yarns

Making children´s garments with sustainable yarns is easier than ever thanks to our ECO yarns line. Have fun knitting and crocheting small kids and toddler´s clothes with stripes, checks, simple lace, classic cables, textured stitches, granny squares… 

Summer jackets, tops, and sweaters made of recycled, biodegradable, and innovative yarns

1 | Re-Tape Craft Girl´s summer cardigan 

Creating sustainable children´s garments is as easy as knitting this summer cardigan with Katia Re-Tape Craft recycled yarn.

Patterns to make children´s clothing

2 | Fair Cotton Mariner striped top with double straps

This summer, we suggest knitting this simple top for girls – from 2 to 8 years old – with a summer striped print generated by Fair Cotton Mariner.

top with double straps

3 | SeaCell Cotton basketweave boxy top

Get ready to knit a super cool summer t-shirt for girl! Have fun knitting a basketweave boxy top with SeaCell Cotton.

basketweave boxy top

4 | Re-Tape Craft Girl´s Tee with Heart Lace

Get some balls of Re-Tape Craft to knit this short-sleeve tee with openwork hearts pattern for girls.

Tee with Heart Lace

5 | SeaCell Cotton striped and cabled children´s sweater

For fans of patterns that combine stitches, techniques, and colors! We recommend knitting this children´s striped and cabled sweater with SeaCell Cotton.

abled children´s sweater

6 | Fair Cotton Mariner striped children´s sweater

Making a striped children´s sweater is a piece of cake with Fair Cotton Mariner yarn and this pattern from Katia Kids 101 magazine.

Patterns to make children´s clothing

Granny Squares and Hippy charm with natural fibers

Combine natural fibers and multicolored effects by easily making your summer garments with Mimosa and Paraiso 100% printed cotton yarns.

7 | Mimosa strappy ruffled girl´s top

If you love simple details, follow the pattern to knit a moss stitch top with ruffles on the straps. A summery garment that goes with anything thanks to the feathered colorway of Mimosa yarn.

strappy ruffled girl´s top

8 | Paraiso crochet granny squared girl´s dress

This pattern has everything: a granny squares top, an open back with two double crochet straps and an a-line skirt flared skirt. You only need some balls of Paraiso to crochet a girl´s dress, the star garment of the summer.

crochet granny squared girl´s dress

9 | Paraiso hooded hippy vest with vertical stripes

Finally, make a hippy-inspired sleeveless hooded sweater, with an ethnic-style thin vertical stripe print with Paraiso and this easy knitting pattern from the Katia Kids 101 magazine.

children´s clothing patterns