10 new printed yarns to make garments in jacquard designs, animal prints, gradient colours, neon tones…

If your weakness is knitting or crocheting with fantasy yarns, then get your needles and hooks ready! Let’s knit and crochet with these 10 new printed yarns. Would you like to knit or crochet a ball of yarn and achieve a different result? This season we propose that you create garments in jacquard designs, animal prints, gradient colour effects and fluorescent colours. Of course, you will also find a large range of multicolour yarns with that “Katia trademark” fantasy touch. 😉 Marled, shiny, spray colours and tweed effect yarns. Which are your favourite printed yarns? Have you already tried some of our Katia Autumn Winter 19/20 novelties? So tell us about it!

printed yarns for knitting

10 new printed yarns

Azteca Fine Lux

Fantasy yarn with a subtle sparkle effect on soft degrade colours. A perfect autumn winter yarn for knitting or crocheting fantasy stitches, cables and bobbles on voluminous modern garments. Make the most of its high yield! Knit or crochet long jumpers, plus sizes pieces or wide jackets using 4 or 5 balls of yarn. You only need 2 balls to knit a girl’s jumper or jacket, or a pretty rectangular crochet shawl.

Fantasy yarn with a subtle sparkle effec

Basic Merino Color

Basic yarn with a unique chromatic print which is created after blending wool and acrylic fibres that have been dyed separately beforehand. Knit and crochet garments for versatile and sophisticated women, as well as charming girl’s jackets and comfortable jackets. Combine this original multicolour yarn with the solid Basic Merino tones and obtain extraordinary results.

multicolour yarn

Inca Noir

Slub yarn for lovers of large size hooks and needles, chunky stitches and retro inspired garments. Knit or crochet oversize jackets and youthful accessories in an eye catching multicolour effect contrasted with black. 80’s fashion is back with Neon Colours: easily make girl’s dresses and fun jumpers for boys in fluorescent tones.

Slub yarn for chunky stitches


Spongy fantasy yarn with an ondé effect created by a thick slub yarn wrapped in spiral around a base yarn. A voluminous yarn, easy to knit or crochet, with a subtle 3 colour degrade transition in each ball. We propose transforming a few balls of yarn into one of our knitting patterns. Our proposals including long and short jackets, coats with short kimono sleeves or girl’s waistcoats and capes. Knit a soft jacket with an astrakhan appearance and handle using only 5 balls of yarn.

fantasy yarn ondé

Merino 100% Craft

100% Extrafine Merino yarn with a hand dyed spray effect. Combine the multicolour artisanal effect print with solid colours of Basic Merino, Merino Classic or Merino 100%. Make modern shawls, original jackets or knitted jacquard jumpers. Knit a comfortable and cheerful kid’s jumper in garter stitch using only 7 balls of yarn. Enjoy knitting garments for all the family without any unpleasant surprises after washing and drying them in the machine.

yarn hand dyed spray effect.


Fantasy yarn in natural fibres with a delicate tweed effect thanks to a pleasant colour combination plus white. Rounded and voluminous with a rustic appearance and spongy touch. Easy to work with. We propose accessory sets with pom pom hats and long fringed scarves; simple and comfortable jackets as well as knitted jumpers for both men and women.

tweed yarn natural fibres


Yarn made from Modal fibre: a natural cellulose with a soft silky touch and a slightly worn appearance. Compatible with Katia Atlantic. We propose women’s coat, poncho and waistcoat patterns in crochet. Lightweight and comfortable yarn ideal for knitting cardigans and toddler jumpers featuring rich cable stitches and small frills.

Yarn made from Modal fibre

Polar Animal Print

Extra soft Faux Fur yarn with long surface hair and a contemporary animal print design. Make a soft baby blanket on two knitting needles with only 3 balls in tonal pastels. Or make a spectacular coat in natural colours using 6 balls of yarn. Knit or crochet any of the Katia Polar patterns using Polar Animal Print. You can also add fur details to your garments made with Big Merino, Ingenious Big, Inca Noir or Maxi Merino.

soft Faux Fur yarn

Copito Print

Baby yarn in contemporary prints. Perfect for making spongy knit blankets for the crib or knitted waistcoats and jackets for wrapping up the tiny tots. In addition, let your imagination fly away with you and combine Copito Print with the basic version of Copito. Which of the 6 colours are you going to wrap your baby up in?

Baby yarn

Baby Jacquard

Extra soft rounded yarn with a modern Jacquard print effect. A yarn with a carefully studied composition and colour range suitable for making the most comfortable baby clothing. Knit or crochet baby beanies with pom poms and ear muffs using only one ball of yarn. Find inspiration amongst the knit patterns made with Baby Jacquard: hooded coats, waistcoats and jumpers for the tiny tots of the household.

printed yarns for knitting

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