Learn how to sew a bomber jacket with the new padded metallized quilting fabric

We have the sewing machine ready … Do you dare to sew a Bomber jacket with us? This week it’s the turn of a women’s garment and when we saw the new padded metalized fabric, we immediately thought of a jacket of this type videotutorial. This original quilted fabric with a metallic effect is ideal for creating coats of all kinds, bags, cushions, play rugs, etc. A fabric that you can find in three colors Pink, Golden, and Blue. You can also use any of the 3 Padded Silver Prints in pink, gray, and mustard to make this project.

An intermediate level project where you will learn many sewing techniques: how to sew a zipper, how to line, and how to finish with cuff fabric. With a free downloadable sewing pattern for sizes 36-46.

bomber tutorial nairamkitty

How to sew a bomber jacket

The materials you will need to make this bomber-style jacket are:

tutorial nairamkitty chaqueta



Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Remember to use a specific needle for elastic fabric (ball point or jersey) when you are sewing the lining. To sew the quilted fabric, we recommend using a Microtex or Universal 80 needle.
  • Being a synthetic fabric, we recommend making sure you make sure of each piece that you are going to sew and even baste whenever you see it necessary.
  • The sewing machine leaves marks on the fabric that cannot be removed later
  • Use a double feed foot to more easily sew all parts of the coat except the cuffs.

bomber tutorial

Cut & Sew

Watch the video tutorial that Marian has prepared for us to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10. The pattern comes with the included 1 cm seam on all contours.

1- Start by cutting all the pieces: Exterior: 1 time the back to the loin, 2 times the front and 2 times the sleeves. Do the same process for the lining. 1 time the neck to the loin, once the waist to the loin and twice the cuffs.

2- Face right against right back and front and sew the shoulders. Repeat the same process with the lining.

3- Sew the sleeve as we show you in the video. Repeat the same process with the lining.

4- Sew the waistband at the bottom of the outer fabric.

5- Sew the zipper first to the outer fabric and then the lining.

6- Sew the collar in a sandwich between the outer and the lining. Cut the excess zipper from the ends, turn, and seat.

7- Bag the lining on the outside and sew the cuffs.

8- Sew the hem of the lining to blind stitch.

9- Make an overload stitch next to everything the length of the zipper on both sides.

bomber tutorial lateral

You already have your Bomber ready to go out and enjoy. We hope you liked this tutorial and are encouraged to try different and unique fabrics like this soft and warm Padded Metallized.

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