How to sew a summer dress with Akukuna diy, winner of Katia Designers Awards 6 and her free pattern Pegui

Akukuna diy, one of the winners of our Katia Designers Awards 6 contest in the sewing category, teaches us how to sew a summer dress with her free Pegui pattern. If you like easy and comfortable sewing patterns, the Pegui dress designed by @akukuna_diy is for you! Choose your favorite fabric to make it from the new spring/summer collection and enjoy sewing it. To make this model you can use both elastic fabrics and flat fabrics such as the chambray muslin that she shows us in the step by step.

cómo coser un vestido

How to sew a summer dress

Today we share with you a fantastic pattern from the Spanish designer Sonia Cepa, the Pegui dress. If you like simple projects that you can sew in a single afternoon, you will surely love this one. Learn how to sew a summer dress easily thanks to Sonia and her free pattern.

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2 XL, 3 XL
  • Chest width measurements (with the fold already sewn): XS 94 cm, S 100 cm, M 106 cm, L 112 cm, XL 118 cm, 2 XL 124 cm, 3 XL 130 cm
  • Amount of fabric required (with a width of 145 cm): For the XS, S, and M 125 cm. For the M, L, and XL 130 cm. For 2 XL and 3 XL, 235 cm.


cómo coser un vestido


Akukuna diy

My name is Sonia and I am passionate about pattern making and sewing. I have two treasures named Arianne and Iris and with them I began my entrepreneurship in this sewing world. Since I was a child I have been attracted to everything related to handmade things, creativity, drawing, needlework…and above all, inventorying and creating things with my hands. At just a few years old, I already dreamed of being a “Clothes Inventor”, when I still did not understand fashion or trends, nor did I know that there was a profession as such…Since then I have not stopped working, creating, learning and reinventing myself day by day.Give me some pieces of cloth, a sewing machine and scissors and…I will be happier than a partridge!

You like my dear Pegui pattern 😉

For me it would be a great honor to see your versions of the Pegui here!

Thanks Katia for the support!


Make a easy dress with the Pegui Sewing pattern

vestido pegui tutorial

The Pegui pattern is a dress pattern model with a loose and timeless cut. Depending on the type of fabric you use, this pattern can be worn at any time of the year. It has a diagonal fold in the center front, which closes with horizontal stitching. It has hidden pockets on the side and elastic on the back waist. The rubber is optional, you can also do it without rubber. It can be made in elastic and non-elastic fabrics, such as jersey, sweat, muslin, linen, etc…

It’s a simple and effective dress, and it’s done in two hours!

If you make a version in stretch fabric, you can opt for a tighter size if you want it to fit more in the chest area.

espalda fruncida

Cut of the pieces of the dress

Pieces to cut:

  • Front: 1 time.
  • Back: 1 time.

The back pattern is printed on the spine, that is, in the middle. So when cutting the fabric you have to cut it folded, so that it comes out whole.

  • Twice the pocket bottoms.
  • Neck: 1 time.

The neck is a bias. If you are going to make it in flat fabric, that is, not elastic, cut the neck on the bias. If the fabric is elastic, it is not necessary to cut it on the bias.

  • In the version with elastic at the back waist, you will also need a piece of elastic approximately 5 mm wide.

Step-by-step preparation of the Pegui dress

bolsillos en costados


1. Mark the pocket notches on the front and back pockets. Also, the rubber notch on the back piece and on the pocket bottoms.

2. Mark the fold lines indicated in the pattern, on the right and wrong sides of the fabric.

Fold assembly

3. Assemble the fold by following the marked lines. Turn the fabric over, to see it on the wrong side. Pin along the fold line and backstitch. Once sewn, spread the piece and load the fold to the left. Flip the fabric over to see the right side. Pass five horizontal stitches, to hold the fold. At a distance of approximately 5 cm between them. The first is about 3 cm from the top, and the last is at the end of the fold. If you want, do the topstitching in a contrasting thread tone, or in twine thread to make it more visible.

How to sew a summer dress

Assembly of the pockets

4. Place a pocket bottom on the wrong side of the front, matching the notches. And sew from picket to picket. Once the sides of the pocket are sewn, make a few small cuts in the corners. Turn the pocket over and place it to the inside (towards the wrong side of the front). Get the corners out of the pocket well. Place the other pocket bottom on top. Join the two pocket bottoms, sewing at the top and bottom.

Elastic on the back waist

5. On the back piece, clip the rubber at each end, where the corresponding marks are. On the wrong side of the fabric, stretch the rubber while sewing it with a zigzag stitch.


6. Face and sew the shoulders of the front and back.


7. Face and sew sides to join front and back. Be careful not to sew and close the pocket opening when sewing the side.


8. Make a double hem, 7 mm each fold.


9. Fold the neckband in half and sew. Place it along the neckline on the wrong side of the garment and sew inside, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance. Turn to the right side of the garment and finish off by folding 1 cm inwards. Sew and iron.


10. We make the hem of the bottom, folding it 1 cm and then another 2 cm. Sew and iron.

You now have your Pegui dress ready to wear this summer, we hope to see your version and that you tag us using #katiafabrics or @katiafabrics
cómo coser un vestido

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