Proyekto Amigurumi | Combo by Amigurumi Food

Mmm… ¡This Proyekto Amigurumi smells so good that you could eat it! This delicious hamburger, lemonade and french fries combo, all the way from America, has been created by Anneris, the expert ‘cook’ at Amigurumi Food. Take a look at their menu because there’s something for everyone: exotic dishes, adorable deserts, amusing fruits, charming vegetables…… And all in crochet!



Would you like a tasty amigurumi? Follow the Amigurumi Food pattern and enjoy giving shape to your combo using Amigurumi 100% Cotton: a full hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon, accompanied by a refreshing rainbow lemonade and some tender french fries.



And if this has left you wanting more Amigurumi Food, continue enjoying the creations by Anneris on her blog (in Spanish and English), Facebook and Instagram. We’ll stay savouring these small crochet delicacies that this little Japanese bento box contains. Until the next Proyekto Amigurumi! Yum!