7 backpack, bag, messenger bag and toiletry case patterns to sew using our most resistant fabric: Canvas

26 April, 2019

Backpacks, bags, messenger bags and toiletry cases: the key accessories for the spring/summer season. Furthermore, sew the ones you like best using our canvas fabrics. There are also 12 new cheerful and summery print designs to compliment your look.

Canvas is our most resistant fabric. It is made from 100% cotton and weighs 215g/m2. In addition, it is a cool fabric with a lot of body, the perfect choice for accessory sewing projects like backpacks, bags, messenger bags or toiletry cases. In fact, you can effortlessly show off a new beach bag this summer using our patterns and their easy to follow step by step instructions. Why not start your sewing project right now!

backpacks sew with canvas

Backpacks, bags, messenger bags and toiletry cases


This collection features 11 new, original, and very summery print designs.

To start with, we present the Backpack Bag. This is a two in one accessory because it is a bag, but can also be converted into a very novel backpack too. Don’t you think it’s a cool idea? Consequently, you decide just how and when you want to use it.

backpacks canvas geo figurines

See how original and charming this is made from our Zebra and Geo Figures canvas fabrics.

backpacks canvas zebra

The Square bag and clutch pattern made from the Lobster canvas is spectacular. Furthermore, you won’t be short of space with this roomy, comfortable bag and matching purse.

bag canvas lobsters

This pattern is dedicated to all of our knit and crochet friends out there, a needle case. Moreover, this is a two in one project made up of a zip up bag, to keep balls of yarn in, and a case for hooks and needles. All resulting in a somewhat different solution to carrying around that knit or crochet project you cannot stop working on in your free time. We have sewn it using the Fluor Cat´s Meow canvas and the woolliest poplin we have: Knitting Meow.

needle case canvas meow

We could not miss out on a messenger bag in this section. What’s more, you are going to love this Messenger bag pattern with a drawstring closure and side strap detail. Sew in contrast using the Canvas Natur basic.

messenger bag GEO CANVASGOLD

Finally, we have an intermediate level Backpack which features lots of little details that help to make it so unique. We are featuring two options to sew using our Canvas Brush Stroke or Canvas Gold Drops fabrics.

backpacks canvas brush stroke

Visit our Bags and Accessories category, in the sewing patterns section, to see the full range available.

How to sew Canvas fabrics: Tips

To finish, we are going to give you a few tips to help make sewing Canvas fabrics a little bit easier and more enjoyable:

  • Pre-wash the fabric before starting the project.

  • Once dry, iron the fabric piece.

  • Use a good sharp pair of fabric cutting scissors or a good rotary cutter.

  • Use Universal sewing machine needles, with a minimum size of 90/14.

  • When all the pieces have been cut out, finish off all the edges with a zig-zag or overlock stitch. Therefore, you will stop the fabric edges from fraying and will find sewing easier.

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