My name is Ana and I was born in Sevilla. From an early age “I hid behind my grandmother’s skirts” among threads, fabrics, racks, yarns, needles and hooks. I always loved watching her knit, crochet and embroider. I was spellbound watching her move her hooks and needles up and down whilst humming songs from her childhood.

By the time I was 6 years old I was already learning how to embroider on a small frame that my father had given me.I also sewed with a Singer pedal sewing machine that I adored. Soon after, I discovered knitting needles and crochet… It was love at first sight! Nobody could separate me from my needles and hooks and I couldn’t wait to get out of school and arrive home so that I could knit and crochet. I made scarves and hats for all the family at Christmas and tiny clothes for my dolls.

This is how my love of knitting and crocheting that I try and portray in all my creations was born. The satisfaction of starting a project and then seeing the final results fill me with life. I also spent a few years at a pattern school where I discovered my passion for pattern design. That was when I got hooked on textures, forms and colours. I have been giving Yoga and Pilate classes for 16 years, but I never disconnected from my needles and fabrics. I have always had something in my hands!

2 years ago I started to share all my ideas and video tutorials on Youtube under the name of Oh Mami Crochet!! This channel has given me back the enthusiasm for creating and for knitting and crocheting. Throughout all this time it has continued to evolve and now forms part of my life. I even have a space in my home for a small knit and crochet studio. I love entering it and seeing all the yarns, needles and hooks!

Continental Waistcoat @oh_mami_crochet


I wanted to create a waistcoat ideal for winter. To give life to this waistcoat project I took inspiration from the simplest geometry.

My main objective is that it should be simple to crochet and have a relaxed stitch. Therefore, I suggest you use a chunky weight yarn and a soft main colour that contrasts with the striped rectangle on the back.

I decided to make it without sleeves so it can be worn with long sleeved t-shirts or blouses. It’s a pleasant, comfortable waistcoat that you can wear with both dresses and jeans.


Difficulty level (2):

Crochet hook
Used stitches

12mm / USA O16
Chain Stitch, Double Crochet, Front or Back Post Double Crochet Relief Stich, Single Crochet, Crochet Ribbing

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