My name is Ana and I was born in ‘85, which is where a part of my social network name comes from. I studied Electrical Engineering and Administration, although I don’t work in this area now. At the moment I’m focusing on my two year old son and getting ready to welcome the one who’s going to arrive next.

I’ve always loved handicrafts. When I was small my mother taught me how to do cross stitch. But it wasn’t until four or five years ago that I got the bug for using two knitting needles. Since I saw that I could make my own scarves without having to buy them, I haven’t stopped knitting. I don’t like knitting everything the same so I try variations. I’m adventurous with textural combinations and colours. For me, it’s all about having some fun and I don’t want to loose this essence. My essence.

When I started knitting, I opened my account Instagram@xamalo85 that has made me so happy, and through which I’ve met people with the same hobby.

Sakoneta Jumper @xamalo85


I had wanted to make an oversized jumper for some time, really big. I think it’s a comfortable, warm and eye catching on trend garment.

I chose Love Wool as the material because it’s a soft, thick yarn that creates a chunky size effect. The colour blend is very “northern”. The green is a characteristic tone of the area I live in, the grey makes a good contrast and I am completely in love with the mustard. Furthermore, this last colour adds a touch of joy and warmth. I have used the Jacquard technique to make this jumper. The design I’ve made is called Odin, from the mythological Norse god. The Nordic landscape is definitely very similar to the countryside that surrounds me.

I give all my garments names inspired by places from my beloved Basque Country or names from things that form part of my life. Sakoneta is a location where you can find the sea, the mountains and rocks in the same place. It is a beautiful beach full of stones that have been eroded from the cliffs by the impact of the waves and can only be reached by foot. It forms part of the Unesco Basque Coast Geopark along the Basque coastline.


Difficulty level (2):

Circular knitting needles
Used stitches

12  USA 17

Other techniques
Seam Grafting

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