Sea Breeze macramé wall hanging kit by @knittingtheskyline

Learn macramé with @knittingtheskyline and this set of 4 three-toned wall hangings to decorate your home with style. Learn how to make basic macramé knots and how to combine them with the Sea Breeze Kit designed by Lucía Cabrera for Katia. As well as bobbins of Macramé Cord Fine in 3 colors, the Sea Breeze Kit includes 4 wooden batons and a leaflet with the macramé tutorial. Access the video tutorial for the wall hangings through the QR code printed in the leaflet.

EVERYTHING to make a complete project

Within our customizable Katia kits you have EVERYTHING to carry out each project happily: all the necessary balls of yarn, Kits & Fun zippered case, brochure with pattern and QR code to access the video tutorial.

- Do you prefer to choose the balls in your favorite colors? Do so by clicking the CHANGE COLOR button.

- Select the size, if there’s more than one available, to automatically add the balls needed.

- In addition, you can mark and uncheck the displayed accessories to complete the kit.

- The brochure contains instructions for making all the sizes, indicated in each kit, in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian.

- In addition, the videos are available (and with subtitles) in English, French, and Spanish. The Spanish version also has subtitles in Italian, Dutch, and German.

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This kit contains:

Accessories you may need:

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