African Daisy crochet summer top kit by Ameskeria

Every season, fashion falls head over heels for the charm of granny squares. At Katia, we suggest making this summer must-have with your own two hands: a flower crochet top, with wavy borders and plenty of color. Inside the African Daisy Kit by @ameskeria you’ll find balls of Fair Cotton in 6 different colors, a crochet hook, and a tapestry needle. Follow the printed pattern and the video available with your purchase of the kit to make this colorful single size crochet summer top.

EVERYTHING to make a complete project

Within our customizable Katia kits you have EVERYTHING to carry out each project happily: all the necessary balls of yarn, Kits & Fun zippered case, brochure with pattern and QR code to access the video tutorial.

- Do you prefer to choose the balls in your favorite colors? Do so by clicking the CHANGE COLOR button.

- Select the size, if there’s more than one available, to automatically add the balls needed.

- In addition, you can mark and uncheck the displayed accessories to complete the kit.

- The brochure contains instructions for making all the sizes, indicated in each kit, in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian.

- In addition, the videos are available (and with subtitles) in English, French, and Spanish. The Spanish version also has subtitles in Italian, Dutch, and German.

Difficulty level (1):
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This kit contains:

Accessories you may need:

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