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6 tips to easily follow Katia magazine patterns and knit your next project with confidence

tips to easily follow Katia magazine patterns

As the saying goes: “All roads lead to Rome”, we all know how to apply it to our handicraft universe, right? There are more ways to knit than there are knitters in the world! Ok, we are probably exaggerating, but the truth is there are so many ways to learn how to knit. There are different ways to hold your needles: continental style or English, Portuguese, etc. Even stitch names can change in certain regions and languages. Still, everyone has their own ways, habits and preferences for knitting. These are often a combination of inherited knowledge, workshops, YouTube videos or…

4 Crochet mug covers: Make a toast with Dracula, Pumpkin, the Mummy and Frankenstein this Halloween

Crochet mug covers

Monsters, cobwebs, skeletons… preparations are already underway for the scariest night of the year! This is why, thanks to the designs by Mariale from Lalala Toys, we are sharing how to make these Halloween Monster Mugs with you. 4 crochet mug covers to make a toast with whilst wearing your Halloween disguises. Prepare potions and concoctions in these mugs disguised as Dracula, Pumpkin, the Mummy or Frankenstein. Moreover, have lots of fun whilst making these simple crochet covers of the kid’s favourite scary characters. Crochet mug covers This is a beginner level project. Therefore, everybody can try their hand at it.…