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DIY ideas for Carnival: 3 recognisable and fun easy crochet costumes for little adventurers

crochet costumes

Do you need some help with your little adventurer’s Carnival costume? Once again, we find our inspiration in universal literature and we are proposing 3 recognisable and fun easy crochet costumes. Chose your favourite adventurer, prepare your crochet hook and get yourself some balls of Katia Canada. Follow our crochet patterns to create the accessories for brave Little Red Riding Hood’s cape and basket; the powerful Magician Merlin’s starry hat, white beard and wand; a daring Pirate’s tricorn hat, eyepatch and sharp sword. Have you got everything you need in your basket? Well then, in an abracadabra!… we’re going to make these…

Katia Babystories: learn how to knit baby clothes with 28 easy designs

Katia Babystories

Travel through the kingdom of children’s fairytales with our Katia Babystories magazine. Learn to knit baby clothes with the 28 designs inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. Discover this range of easy patterns made up of square shapes and simple stitches. Katia Babystories is intended for you if you want to learn how to knit, or if you already know but prefer to make up easy and quick patterns. Knit baby clothes in modern designs and colours with ease. Once upon a time… Katia Babystories Learn to knit with Katia Babystories: blankets, jumpers, ponchos, hats, baby booties, dresses, trousers, waistcoats or jackets. And of…

5 Crochet Bookmarks: Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter, Snow White and the Little Prince

Crochet Bookmarks

Are crocheting, knitting and reading some of your favourite hobbies? If the answer is affirmative, you make us so happy! Because in addition to enjoying reading, you’re going to have fun making these 5 crochet Bookmarks: The Little Prince, Snow White, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. That’s right! Accompany your reading with the protagonists of some of the most famous fairy tales. You only need a few mini balls of Katia Amigurumi 100% Cotton and to download the pattern here. This is our gift to celebrate Book Day with you. We hope that you feel inspired…