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Rompers, bodysuits, onesies, baby dungarees. 4 essential items of baby clothing for this Summer

baby onnesie

It’s getting warmer and the little ones of the house also want to enjoy summer, feel free and keep cool. With this in mind, the star garments for their first months of life have lots of different names: rompers, onesies, dungarees, snowsuits, leggings with feet, christening gowns, bloomers, bodysuits and rompers. In fact, a whole world to discover if you are a first time mum. When you need to choose the most suitable garments for your baby you basically need to have two things in mind: comfort and functionality. To ensure that your baby has the freedom of movement it…

Knit and fabric or crochet and fabric, you choose! Get to know the new Knit and Sew patterns

knit and fabric patterns

Crochet and fabric or knit and fabric, you choose! Today is launch day and we present you with the new Knit and Sew patterns. Patterns where we have combined the materials that we love best: yarns and fabrics. If you like handicrafts in general and even though you might have one particular favourite technique, you always want to try new things. If they complement each other, like knit or crochet combined with sewing, even better. With these patterns we bring together the magic of sewing with the incredible texture of yarns. Three cool projects which will make the little ones…