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Learn embroidery with Gimena Romero and her video Back Step Stitch using Katia Cablè 5

Back Step Stitch

Stitch by stitch… that’s how you learn embroidery. Calmly, with passion and enthusiasm! As transmitted by Gimena Romero, the restless Mexican embroidery artist who is the protagonist of this Craft Lovers. The talented Gimena shares a beautiful embroidered illustration using Katia Cablè 5 with us. This whole creation is embroidered using ‘Back Step’ Stitch. It’s a really easy stitch to do. Furthermore, you have a video and some useful tips about embroidery to help you. Discover a marvellous technique! You’ll be able to apply to numerous creative projects. Back Step Stitch “Hi, I’m Gimena Romero and today we’re going to do Back step…