Discover the new Mediterranean collection of spring-summer fabrics from Katia Fabrics 🌊

10 March, 2023

Be inspired by the Mediterranean summer with the new fabric collection by Katia Fabrics. We invite you to dive into the Mediterranean Sea and create a summer wardrobe that is both casual and timeless. Enjoy sewing special garments with some of our coolest fabrics featuring striped prints or sailor motifs. Discover the beauty of the new summer fabrics including embroidered whites for your Ibizan-style dresses and shirts. A true Mediterranean fashion icon!

Furthermore, we invite you to create unique sports outfits with the new technical fabrics and urban prints inspired by the Sport Arty trend.

This summer, live the Mediterranean sewing experience with Katia Fabrics!

New summer fabric collection from Katia Fabrics

This spring-summer season we have been inspired by a sporty style so you can spend the summer with the ones you love most. These include elegant patterns with ruffles combined with comfortable fabrics for all ages. Dress yourself and your whole family with our DIY patterns and fabrics.

Surprise yourself with some of the fabrics that we have introduced into our Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. We can’t wait to show you all the new items.

summer fabrics

Recycled cotton fabric

This light weight canvas features two different print designs. The rustic fabric is made up of more than 50% recycled cotton. Thanks to its softness and resistance it is ideal for making tablecloths, cushions, curtains and many home items. In addition, you can also use it to sew bags, backpacks and other accessories due to its composition and versatility.

1. Recycled Canvas Light Power Color Battik

A fine canvas fabric with a tie dye effect in tones of orange and blue.

2. Recycled Canvas Sunshine Squares

A fine checked canvas fabric in tones of orange and blue.

Viscose Fabrics

Ecoviscose and Evoviscose Solid

The 100 % Viscose fabric ECOVERO. It is a natural fabric with organic EU labelling thanks to the raw materials being obtained from controlled and certified sustainable wood and cellulose. The Ecoviscose Solid fabric, from Katia Fabrics, is a soft fabric with a spectacular drape. This makes it perfect for making women’s dresses and blouses.

Viscose Tie-Dye

100% Viscose fabric with a beautiful drape, and a very pleasant handle, in a bi-colour tonal Tie-Dye design. The Viscose Tie-Dye fabric from Katia Fabrics is the perfect fabric for sewing skirts, blouses or dresses for both you and your little ones this spring and summer.

Linen-Viscose Slub

A linen and viscose blend fabric. Thanks to the viscose in its composition the fabric has greater draping qualities than linen, even though, at first glance, the fabric is reminiscent of linen due to the type of woven structure. This fabric is ideal for sewing trousers or skirts, although it can also be used to sew home items or accessories for you or the little ones.

Summer fabrics – Techno Polyester

Next, we present Techno Polyester, a polyester fabric with a fantastic drape and soft handle available in 8 solid colours. The fabric is reminiscent of viscose due to its weight and lightness. The Techno Polyester fabric is ideal for sewing summer garments like flowing dresses, skirts or trousers.

Embroidered fabrics

Embroidered cotton fabric

Both the Embroidery Cotton Placed Orquidea and the Embroidery Cotton Placed Dalia are white cotton fabrics that have been embroidered and perforated with floral motifs. Both are light weight and soft. They are ideal fabrics for sewing summer garments like dresses or skirts, taking advantage of their specific embroidery positioning on both sides of the piece.

summer fabrics

Embroidered denim fabrics

Embroidery Denim Magnolia and Embroidery Denim Placed Magnolia are light weight 100% cotton denim fabrics with embroidered floral and branch designs in cream. Both fabrics are ideal for making summer clothing like dresses, blouses or dungarees.

summer fabrics

Denim Tie-Dye

Light weight 100% cotton denim fabric with a tie-dye print design. The Denim Tie-Dye fabric from Katia Fabrics is perfect for sewing summer garments like dresses, blouses or fine weight skirts. In our Spring-Summer 23 Mediterranean sewing pattern magazine you can find a perfect girl´s dress model to sew using this fabric.

summer fabrics

Sports fabrics – Polyripstop

To finish, we present Polyripstop. This waterproof fabric is tear-proof thanks to the incorporation of thicker resistant threads in the fabric. As a result, it is an ideal choice for making trousers and sports jackets.

summer fabrics

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about the new items from our new summer fabric collection. We hope you like the rest of the fabrics and prints that can be found at and Katia shops.