Quick and Easy Ideas for Christmas: Cushion Panels and Masks

The most magical time of the year arrives, and we want you to fill your Christmas with gifts made by you. We propose to you several quick and easy sewing ideas made by yourself to give and surprise your loved ones. Enjoy sewing and give something unique, and the most important thing done with love and enthusiasm. Also, you can always give it your own personal touch. Ideas such as a pack of 4 cushions for that room that you have been thinking of for a long time to give it a change of look or a panel mask with Christmas and winter touches.

Get out your sewing machine and give creativity!

Quick and Easy Ideas for Christmas: Cushion Panels and Masks


Autumn/Winter Panel Mask 
panel mask winter


We started with the new Autumn / Winter Mask Panel, a panel to make 13 reusable and reversible masks. With a selection of your favorite prints, this time in winter tones, and others specially designed for this panel.

With a single meter of fabric, you make 6 face masks with tucks and 7 face masks with pleats. This panel is made of a 100% cotton fabric with an antibacterial finish that neutralizes the bacteria generated during the daily use of the face mask. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and impedes the penetration of saliva droplets. If you like the 26 prints you can also make the double layer with our Antibacterial Poplins. Download the step-by-step sewing instructions for both face masks in various sizes and in 6 languages.

Recommendations: After 25 washes the treatments start to lose their properties. If washed at 60º, the recommended washing temperature for its correct disinfection, the print could begin to lose the intensity of its colors. Wash with a neutral detergent. Do not use bleach. Important: dry iron at 120/140º for 10 to 15 seconds after each wash.

panel de mascarillas

Cushion Panels

The second gift idea that we present to you is the panels for sewing cushions. Panels ready to cut, sew, fill and enjoy. About 4 different designs come in each panel. Sew with them cushions to decorate a room or create something different such as tote bags, bags for snacks, game blankets, etc., and let your imagination fly.

This season we have incorporated 5 new models in 100% cotton fabric.


Within our collection inspired by horses and life in the country, we find this panel with beautiful prints in earth tones.

Panel de cojines

Panel de cojines



A tribute panel to all of our Knitters. Some designs featuring a black sheep that does not hide from being the way it is and that teaches all its friends to weave (including the wolf). Characters united by the same passion: Knitting with Katia yarns.

ideas fáciles


Music excites us, connects us with others, inspires us … This collection turns the classic tale around and teaches us that you cannot live without music. Some cheerful designs to fill any corner with color.

panel de cojines


Our wildest panel. Reindeer and foxes coexist happily in forests where adventure awaits us. Some prints of beautiful landscapes transport us to snow-capped mountains and fir forests.

ideas fáciles de navidad


Cute wild boars and boars happily scamper across the pastel green prints on this sweet cushion panel. Ideal as a decoration in the room of the smallest of the house.

ideas fáciles de navidad


We hope these ideas help you choose the ideal gift this Christmas.

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