I am a very creative 40 year old Granadian, with a scientific soul. Since 2009 I have made crochet and amigurumis my passion and my way of life channelled through my blog Gallimelmas e Imaginancias.

My main reason for designing crochet and amigurumi patterns is because it is the thing that makes me feel the happiest. I imagine characters, draw them and then take them onto the crochet hook which is a magic experience, and I live this every day.

In my blog I like to share this love of crochet by helping other crocheters. I publish tips, advice, tutorials, recommendations, free patterns… because I believe that crocheting together makes for better crocheting.

Throughout all these years I have collaborated with shops and brands from all over the world. My amigurumis even appeared in ‘Embarazados’ a Spanish film. Since 2013 I have been giving face to face workshops, mostly at an advanced level, and also including pattern design. I teach people how to crochet so they loose their fear of doing it without a pattern and show them how to create their own projects.

Girl Bear Amigurumi @gallimelmas


Melissa is a “wild girl”. That’s what her grandmother calls her because she prefers to climb trees, walk in the countryside and collect bugs in the garden …

One day, in class, she found out that bees are in dangers and may even become extinct because of us. That’s why she crocheted a bear cape and planted a mass of flowers and plants on her balcony. So they will never be short of pollen and nobody will hurt them.

Niña Oso (Bear Girl) is like those rag dolls that we had when we were small and took with us everywhere we went. Making her is a return to this infancy, to this tender and curious connection with nature, to dream that we can make a better world.


Difficulty level (3):

Crochet hook
Used stitches

2 ½mm / USA C
Chain Stitch, Decrease, Slip Stitch, Double Crochet, Single Crochet, Front or Back Post Double Crochet Relief Stich, Tapestry Crochet, Pineapple Stitch, Increase 1 stitch

4mm / USA G6

Other techniques
Magic Ring, Embroidery

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