Katia Home 4 pattern magazine

Spring / Summer


Edition in: Spanish English German

Welcome to a world of comfort and creativity with Katia Home 4, the inspiring magazine to turn your home into a true haven of warmth and style! From the terrace to the most intimate corner, we offer you 23 patterns including 14 crochet, 7 knitting, and 2 macramé designs. For most of these projects, you can use basic yarns from our collection such as Washi, Easy Knit Cotton, Bambi, or even Big Ribbon. Imagine a terrace dressed in warm crochet pieces, or a picnic in the garden with irresistible accessories. Your hallway transforms into a warm embrace, the master bedroom fills with serenity, while the children’s room comes to life with fun designs. Get inspired and give every corner of your home a touch of magic with the designs from the Katia Home 4 magazine!

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