Magazine Concept by Katia 15

Concept Autumn / Winter

Edition in: Spanish English German

Discover the new Concept by Katia Magazine 15 and bring life to your autumn-winter garments! With its vibrant colors and 35 hand-knitting patterns, create one-of-a-kind garments that express your individual style. From bold blues to delicate lilacs, this magazine gives you plenty of colors to add a playful and youthful feel to your wardrobe. Find your inspiration in the Concept by Katia Magazine 15!

Printed magazine with instructions to make a total of 35 patterns: 29 women’s designs and 6 men’s designs. 24 knitting patterns, 3 crochet patterns, 8 patterns for circular knitting needles.
Available in 2 editions: Spanish-English-German and French-Dutch-Italian.

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