Katia Organic Wool magazine: 8 patterns for Women and Baby

Organic Wool Autumn / Winter


Edition in: Spanish English German

Katia Organic Wool is a monographic magazine with knitting patterns using two chlorine-free, non-museling, GOTs-certified organic yarns: Katia Baby Nature and Pure Organic Wool by Concept by Katia. 100% soft, lovely, and special yarns! Like that unique bond between mother and baby that inspires this series of matching garments. We suggest knitting 4 baby patterns with the wonderful Katia Baby Nature: a button-up cardigan, long strappy overalls, a hooded vest, and a sweater with dogs in contrasting stitches. And 4 women’s patterns using Pure Organic Wool, a worsted weight yarn for 6-7-mm needles: a maxi dress, comfortable sweaters, and an oversized vest.

Printed magazine with instructions to make a total of 8 knitting patterns: 4 women’s designs, and 4 baby designs.
Available in 2 editions: Spanish-English-German and French-Dutch-Italian.

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