Elephants Print Coraline fabric

100% Polyester

150cm - 250gr/mt2
Machine washable at 30ºC
Do not bleach
Do not machine dry
Do not iron

A pink fur-effect coraline fabric with an elephant design print. This coraline fabric has a velvet feel reminiscent of fur-effect fabric, thanks to its softness and warmth, it is perfect to sew any kind of garment or accessory for babies for the coldest days of winter. With this Elephants Print Coraline fabric by Katia Fabrics you can sew from coats for your baby to pajamas, blankets, or sleeping bags. On the Katia website, you’ll find the perfect sewing patterns to sew coats or sleeping bags so that your baby will be warm and cozy while they sleep.

-SUK sewing machine needle, with a ball point end, suitable for knitted fabrics, size: 90 -Cut out all the pieces facing in the same direction of the nap to avoid changes in the surface light on the fabric. -It is preferable to sew the fabric on the wrong side (with the right sides of the fabric facing together), not on the side with the nap because this could make passing the fabric under the machine foot and sewing seams difficult. -If your sewing machine allows you to do so, slightly increase the pressure on the pressure foot. -If you have an overlock machine, which is ideal for sewing seams, adjust the differential feed until the fabric stops stretching whilst sewing. -Use a twin needle for knitted fabrics to sew the hems.

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