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Discover the benefits of knitting and crocheting! 5 New Kits for Beginners to learn how to knit and crochet

Knitting Crochet Kits for Beginners

Would you like to learn how to knit and crochet? We propose 5 kits for Beginners to start knitting and crocheting simple, fun and relaxing projects. To learn, it’s definitely important that you use a beginner’s level pattern: with clear instructions, basic stitches and easy step by step points to follow. Of course, an attractive design always helps! Maintaining your enthusiasm whilst working each row is key to completing the first project. It is also fundamental that you have all the necessary materials: knitting needles, crochet hooks, balls of yarn in different colours, buttons, etc. Therefore, these 5 Beginners’ Kits…

Celebrate World Knit in Public Day with the ‘Be Yarner, My Friend’ Maxi Bag by Alimaravillas

crochet maxi bag

We want to celebrate World Knit in Public Day with you on the 8th of June. So, we are encouraging you to get out with your projects in hand and proudly show off your knit and crochet creations. And, as you are definitely going to want to take as many of your projects with you as possible, we have the perfect Maxi Bag for this event! Because in addition to its large dimensions, its design also sends out a loud and clear message to the world: Be Yarner, My Friend! Once again, we can count on the ingenious Alimaravillas to…

Katia Fabrics at the IV DIY Hunters Day


On the 16th June this year we took part in the IV DIY Hunters Day in Madrid. An event organised by the magazine YO DONA and the HANBOX community where we thoroughly enjoyed the essence of DIY. DIY Hunters Day On this 4th Edition the guys from Handbox organized an inspiring event full of creativity at the Madrid Hub. Two interesting talks took place. The first was given by Sami Garra who showed us the importance of promoting personality in a very special way. And the second by Susana Torralbo who talked about the importance of the well known concept…