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Make your first handmade jumper! 10 easy knit and crochet pullovers for beginners

jumpers for beginners

Have you recently started to learn how to knit or crochet? If so, you probably have a hat, scarf or mobile phone cover on your list of projects to do. We share lots of home ideas and accessories in our Katia magazines and on the website. Furthermore, these models are quick to make using large size needles and chunky yarns. However, what about putting your skills to the test and making a bigger garment? In fact, we want to motivate you to knit or crochet your first jumper!  If you think this is a difficult and timely project… think again. These…

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial by FräuleinWollwunder: Make a unique crochet hat with only 1 ball of yarn

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial

Hello, my name is Denise Karg and I’m a yarn addict. In fact, I think I’d need more than 150 years to use up my existing stash. In 2014 I started publishing all my crochet projects, yarns and accessories on my blog Fräulein Wollwunder. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, I upload and share inspirational ideas and new trends every day. I just love trying new ideas! And often wish for more hands so I can crochet all the ideas I have in my head. 😉 As a result, I am sharing this Planned Colour Pooling tutorial…

11 new Katia yarns to enjoy making projects with only 1 or 2 balls this Autumn Winter 2019-2020

new Katia yarns

Stop the summer crochet or knit project you are working on for a moment and take note. Here are another 11 new Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Katia yarns! In our last post we introduced you to the 6 new yarns from Concept by Katia. Furthermore, we launched a prize giveaway (after reading this post you can visit the previous post and take part!). However, there are still many more novelties to come! But for now, if you enjoy making projects with only 1 or 2 balls of yarn, stay with us to discover these 11 new Katia yarns. New Katia Yarns…