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Celebrate World Knit in Public Day with the ‘Be Yarner, My Friend’ Maxi Bag by Alimaravillas

crochet maxi bag

We want to celebrate World Knit in Public Day with you on the 8th of June. So, we are encouraging you to get out with your projects in hand and proudly show off your knit and crochet creations. And, as you are definitely going to want to take as many of your projects with you as possible, we have the perfect Maxi Bag for this event! Because in addition to its large dimensions, its design also sends out a loud and clear message to the world: Be Yarner, My Friend! Once again, we can count on the ingenious Alimaravillas to…

Be Yarner by Alimaravillas: Knitting Project Bag, Accessory Cases and Crafter’s Tool Belt

Crafter's Tool Belt

The Be Yarner collection includes a Knitting Project Bag, 3 Accessory Cases and a Crafter’s Tool Belt, and they have been designed by Alimaravillas especially for you, the yarner. So what is this Be Yarner thing all about? Well, it refers to someone who lives by and for fibres and yarns. A yarner goes backwards and forwards and around and around without moving from the sofa or their favourite chair. Of course, when they do leave home they always take their working project with them wherever they go. In short, it’s the type of person who cannot live without undergoing the…

3 crochet patterns to rock at school: rucksack, pencil case and pacifier case by Alimaravillas

School Lovers

This course, you’re going to get the highest grade in crochet! Thanks to the 3 ‘School Lovers’ crochet patterns from Alimaravillas. We welcome Alice to our Craft Lovers section, a crochet lover with a passion for Nordic and boho style, and her inseparable little rabbit, ConiDarko. For this kindergarten teacher, crochet has a mission to “resolve some of the needs of our daily life”. As a result of this, she’s sharing a complete tutorial so you can prepare the return to school throughout the summer holidays. Get yourself a few balls of Katia Cotton 100% and follow the step by…