I like to play and tell stories. I use the things that I find along the way: crochet, words, photographs, colours, drawings, people, animals, toys, songs, yarns... I do all this in my own personal amusement park: De Estraperlo.

De Estraperlo was born in 2008 as a brand of t-shirts and accessories, and since then I have done a little of everything. I have been a crochet teacher in diverse cities and countries; I have had a physical shop and I now have one online; I’ve taken part in design fairs and I’m also familiar with the life of a stall holder and craft markets. For the past five years I’ve been telling you all about it on my blog, where crochet and creative people are the protagonists.

Today my passion is for character design. I have found the perfect medium to do this through the use of crochet. It’s like drawing, but later you can hug your drawings. I’d tell you that my dolls have a story, but that would be not be doing them justice: my dolls have life.

Picnic Cat Amigurumi by @deestraperlo


What happens when you put together some of the best things in the world? The “Gato Pícnic” (Picnic Cat) appears. Or... don’t you think cats and picnics are two marvellous things? This cute little doll encapsulates joy, animals, flowers, friends, parties, smiles, light, and why not, a checked cloth… My objective is that you will learn how to create different geometric figures by making of this doll. Also, that you will be able to create animals and more complex objects using simple basic shapes. Furthermore, we will work flat, in 3D, in tapestry crochet, and lastly, we will do a little embroidery too.

Picnic is a cube form made up of squares with a check pattern. Its ears are cones and triangles and the tail starts as a circle that finishes in a cylinder. All of this is dressed up a little with some embroidered flowers that are always a welcome addition. The result of putting together all these geometric shapes is nothing more and nothing less than a cat. Why not? Not everything is what it appears to be and you don’t always have to follow the rules.

Mix, challenge, risk, enjoy, and above all, go on a picnic. With this doll we invite you to throw yourself into the world of character creation with only the basic notions of geometry and crochet. Get going!

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