Concept by Katia 13 magazine: 32 patterns for Women and Men

Concept Autumn / Winter 1 Rating

Edition in: Spanish English German

If what you enjoy the most is knitting minimal details, the Concept by Katia 13 magazine is for you. Because we suggest knitting minimalist patterns with hypnotizing details. This is something that we call Elevated Simplicity at Katia. Discover 32 designs with a delicate combination of stitches, colors, and constructions. These include 10 crochet designs and 6 for knitting with circular knitting needles. Let your needles flow and play with all the techniques! 
Create your capsule wardrobe with Concept by Katia. Start to knit the 23 women’s designs and 9 men’s garments to dress in a serene and sophisticated style.

Printed magazine with instructions to make a total of 32 patterns: 23 women’s designs, and 9 men’s designs.
16 knitting patterns, 10 crochet patterns, 6 patterns for circular knitting needles.
Available in 2 editions: Spanish-English-German and French-Dutch-Italian.

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