Advent Calendar Sewing Kit

The Advent Calendar sewing kit from Katia Fabrics includes everything you need to make it. It contains a Canvas panel with the calendar pattern and the pockets on the fabric itself. This makes it easy to make because the panel is pre-prepared to cut out and sew. Furthermore, it includes a piece of Canvas fabric for the back part of the calendar and the wadding for the inside. This calendar measures 35 3/8” (90 cm) x 55 1/8” (140 cm) and has 24 numbers decorated with Christmas themed designs. This is the perfect project for the family to make together so the kids can experience the days before Christmas with extra enthusiasm.

Difficulty level (1):

This kit contains:

100% Cotton

140cm - 200gr/mt2

84% Recycled Cotton - 13% Recycled Polyester - 3% Other fibres

140cm - 211gr/mt2

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